Fox's Gretchen Carlson Walks Off Set as Brodude Coworkers Crack…

You know what isn't hilarious? Boring-ass jokes that have been beaten to death, revived, and then beaten to death again, ad infinitum, over the course of decades. And it's extra not-hilarious when the joke teller thinks he's the funniest, most interesting, most spectacular orgasm of awesomeness to walk the face of… » 6/14/12 6:45pm 6/14/12 6:45pm

Female Ex-Marine Fights Back Against Knife-Wielding Robber

Wow, La Doocy and The Sad Puppets (otherwise known as the painful morning "news" show Fox & Friends) report on something that doesn't make us want to stab our eyes out! A robber held a knife up to a woman's throat as he attempted to rob a convenience store, only to be chased out by the formidable female and ex-Marine.… » 12/03/08 3:20pm 12/03/08 3:20pm