Bad Girls Club: Sex Toys, Tampons, And Drunk Crying, Oh My!

Last night was only the second episode of the new season of Bad Girls Club, and I'm already addicted. These women seem made for not just reality TV, but this show specifically. Nearly everything they say is a soundbite. The editors must've been wetting themselves when going over this footage. In the clip above, the… »12/10/08 3:20pm12/10/08 3:20pm

Celebrity Rehab: Chyna Says She's Never Done Steroids Or Been Addicted To Any Drugs

Retired wrestler Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna) refuses to admit that she has an addiction problem, which is weird because she's voluntarily living in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility on the show Celebrity Rehab. On the most recent episode of the show, Dr. Drew decided to address the "elephant in the room" and… »2/07/08 6:00pm2/07/08 6:00pm