Any Man Who Won't Clean Is a Terrible Asshole (Or Old, or Both)

If you are a man in a relationship with someone (most likely a woman) who is fed up with you because you don't clean house at all, or as much, or don't do it competently, or have to be asked, or have to be yelled at, or have to, in ANY way, shape, or form, be spoken to like a misbehaving child or an egregious pet,… »12/11/13 5:10pm12/11/13 5:10pm


'Esquire' Writer Inexplicably Name-Checks Female Celebs He Thinks Are Ugly

Reading through an otherwise insipid Esquire profile of Megan Fox (bitch believes in leprechauns!) about how she's aiming to "escape from her fate as a sex symbol" (which she goes about doing by posing in her bra and panties for the magazine?), one is suddenly slapped with this gratuitous little nugget from the… »1/16/13 4:00pm1/16/13 4:00pm

Dudes, Relax: The Rise Of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of Men

Attention, men: I know the world is scary and weird right now. I know things are changing a little bit. I know that some of the women are restless and we complain sometimes and sometimes they let us make TV shows and say our opinions real loud. Sometimes we tell you about things you're doing—things you weren't even… »8/09/12 11:30am8/09/12 11:30am