Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert She's 'Sure' She's Not Running for President 

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the few people who might actually make a good president, is definitely not running for president, she told Stephen Colbert Wednesday night. Fighting income inequality and corporate control of America is a full-time job, she said, in so many words, and one she’s kind of… »9/24/15 9:22am9/24/15 9:22am

Donald Trump Continues to Be His Own Best Parody in Stephen Colbert Interview 

Brand new Late Show host Stephen Colbert hosted Donald Trump last night, the presidential candidate America richly deserves. His ideas continue to be highly sophisticated: Build a “great, beautiful” wall between the U.S. and Mexico with a “beautiful big, fat door” in it. Make Mexico pay for it. Make it a “serious… »9/23/15 9:55am9/23/15 9:55am

Stephen Colbert Gets Bernie Sanders All Riled Up on The Late Show

While tonight’s Late Show interview with Bernie Sanders was absent any of the respective tears or deep, deep discomfort that characterized Colbert’s two biggest moments so far (and at least compared to every other candidate interview we’ve seen), Sanders still manages to leave you with the impression that the man is… »9/19/15 11:15am9/19/15 11:15am

Stephen Colbert Debuts Late Show with George Clooney and Jeb Bush 

“You are all witnessing television history,” Stephen Colbert said as he opened the Late Show. The long-hyped television event was a bit underwhelming, but perhaps that was inevitable because expectations were so high. Yet Colbert was charming and, admittedly, it’s a near-seismic shift from the familiar “Stephen… »9/09/15 1:05am9/09/15 1:05am

Obama Takes Control of The Colbert Report, Delivers 'The Word'

With just two weeks left on the clock for the Colbert Report, the show is cramming in a few more splashy segments. Like for instance last night's visitor: U.S. president Barack Obama, who dropped by for an interview and temporary commandeered Colbert's desk. Welcome to the "fuck it" stage of the Obama presidency! »12/09/14 9:30am12/09/14 9:30am