Fun-Hating Legislator Proposes Ban on Eating Aborted Human Fetuses

Let's take a moment today to salute a brave American hero. A man who saw through the amoral haze of today's society and who had the courage to stand up for what's right, even in the face of an unstoppable tide of modernity and vice. That man is Oklahoma legislator Ralph Shortey. And that fearless act of bravery was… »1/25/12 2:00pm1/25/12 2:00pm


European Court Bans Patenting Many Types of Stem Cell Research; Science Freaks Out

Europe's highest court ruled today that it's not legal for companies to patent any sort of research method that requires the destruction of human embryos. Christian groups are super psyched about this because God says cellbabies are exactly the same as grown up humans with faces and feelings. Scientists are upset… »10/18/11 7:15pm10/18/11 7:15pm

Kiefer Says, "This McCain Guy Thinks We've Got Stuff In Common?"

  • John McCain told Marie Claire that he's like Jack Bauer except for the torture thing. That he doesn't like except for when it's directed at "enemy combatants" and conducted outside of American soil without judicial review and Jack does it all the time. There's totally a difference. [Huffington Post]
  • You know how…
  • »9/09/08 6:40pm9/09/08 6:40pm