What If Your Ovaries Could Live Forever?

The world, and especially our mother, never tires of telling us that our biological clocks are ticking. We'd better have those babies sooner rather than later because we're running out of eggs, they say relentlessly. And there's a pretty good reason: Unlike our male counterparts, who produce sperm until they're old… » 2/27/12 6:45pm 2/27/12 6:45pm

ABC Casting For "Stem-Cell Face Lift" Show

Are you middle-aged, cash-poor, and hate your face? Then you're perfect for some TV show for which ABC is casting right now about "stem-cell face lifts." The network is seeking guinea pigs to undergo an on-air procedure that involves having stem cells taken from one area of the body—via liposuction from a fatty site… » 3/14/11 2:37pm 3/14/11 2:37pm

Kristi Burton Is Not Exactly Beloved By The Anti-Abortion Movement

Kristi Burton is a 21-year-old law student and a passionate crusader against women's reproductive rights. Burton spearheaded an initiative — started last year » 11/03/08 12:00pm 11/03/08 12:00pm — to get fertilized eggs recognized as people for the purpose of giving them their inalienable rights under Colorado's constitution. That initiative is now…