ABC Casting For "Stem-Cell Face Lift" Show

Are you middle-aged, cash-poor, and hate your face? Then you're perfect for some TV show for which ABC is casting right now about "stem-cell face lifts." The network is seeking guinea pigs to undergo an on-air procedure that involves having stem cells taken from one area of the body—via liposuction from a fatty site like … » 3/14/11 2:37pm 3/14/11 2:37pm

Kristi Burton Is Not Exactly Beloved By The Anti-Abortion Movement

Kristi Burton is a 21-year-old law student and a passionate crusader against women's reproductive rights. Burton spearheaded an initiative — started last year » 11/03/08 12:00pm 11/03/08 12:00pm — to get fertilized eggs recognized as people for the purpose of giving them their inalienable rights under Colorado's constitution. That initiative is now…