Corsets meet Star Trek in these Victorian Starfleet uniform dresses

For those times when you're flung unexpectedly back in time—or if you just don't want to change clothes between work and your favorite holonovel—cosplayer Genovefa has dreamed up these Starfleet-themed dresses with long skirts and a bit of Victorian-inspired corsetry. » 12/08/13 10:25pm 12/08/13 10:25pm

Justin Bieber Accused Of Ruining Steampunk

Justin Bieber will not rest until he's offended every group on the planet. With the first two songs off his Christmas album he angered Boyz II Men fans, then anyone who's found themselves singing along to "All I Want For Christmas." Now he's going after the steampunk lovers. » 12/12/11 11:18pm 12/12/11 11:18pm

Pyramid Collection: For The Steampunk Renaissance Faerie Pirate Wench…

The Pyramid Collection calls itself "a catalog of personal growth and exploration." In this case, shoppers are "growing" and "exploring" how to be whimsical goth wenches who enjoy vibrators and fairy statues. » 2/12/09 4:00pm 2/12/09 4:00pm