Jennifer Garner Seeks Protection From Psycho Stalker

  • Jennifer Garner has obtained a court order protecting herself from a man she believes is endangering her family. She claims Steven Burky has been "stalking and harassing" her, sending "packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and following me around the country." The guy showed up at her house…
  • »11/20/08 9:00am11/20/08 9:00am

Once Upon A Time, Iconic Blonde Celebrities Used Condoms, Avoided Incarceration

  • Paris Hilton spoke to Barbara Walters from jail and we will be watching The View in two hours to hang on to Barbara's ev-uh-wee word. [ABC News]
  • Madonna and JFK Jr. abstained from having sex with each other. Because they didn't have condoms, and AIDS still killed celebrities in those days. [Page Six]
  • Princess Diana was…
  • »6/11/07 9:38am6/11/07 9:38am