Binge Drinking Is Especially Awesome for Wealthy, White College Guys

It only took the 107th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association to figure out the key to binge drinking on college campuses — students who do it are having an awesome time. According to a survey of about 1,600 undergraduate students attending and revelling at "a selective Northeastern residential… »8/20/12 11:15am8/20/12 11:15am


Money Can't Buy You Happiness, But a Little Respect Can

While it's true that having money can make life easier—I mean what's easier than spending all day rolling around in a pile of $100 bills?—money doesn't necessarily make you feel happy. Hence the old cliché. But if money is out, then what does make us happy? Well, a lot of things, really: puppies, butterscotch candies,… »6/21/12 11:40am6/21/12 11:40am