Ben Carson: Investigate Muslim Group Attending the State of the Union for 'Civilization Jihad'

Ben Carson doesn’t hate Muslims, per se—he just doesn’t think one should be president, he’s pretty sure they’re all going to sharia us in our sleep, and a Muslim civil liberties organization shouldn’t be allowed to attend the State of the Union and should be investigated for possible jihad. That’s all.

Lit Obama Teased Final SOTU With a Blockbuster Trailer & a Hamilton Reference

Barack Obama will deliver the last State of the Union of his presidency this evening, and the internet is expecting that shit to be lit. Not just because we’re hoping he uses the opportunity to finally let her rip, valedictorian speech-style, but also because he teased this thing with a Hollywood blockbuster style…

Nikki Haley Will Deliver Republican Response to the State of the Union 

Earlier today, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will deliver the Republican rebuttal to this year’s State of the Union address. During the announcement Ryan and McConnell commended Haley’s tenure as governor, pointing to her economic record.