50 Years Of 'Equal Pay' Lip Service From Presidents

On Tuesday night, President Obama was met with a standing ovation after mentioning in his State of the Union address that women shouldn't get paid less than men, that policies that don't promote pay equality are from the "Mad Men era." Turns out, Presidents have been promising to lift women out of the Mad Men era since,… » 1/30/14 3:20pm 1/30/14 3:20pm

Republicans Let a Woman Talk So Obviously They Don't Hate Women

Last night, the GOP's response to the President's State of the Union made history: a woman delivered it. Two women, actually. See? They're not alienating to women at all, unless you count the other stuff they did yesterday, which includes passing a bill that would make it all but impossible for many women to pay for… » 1/29/14 11:40am 1/29/14 11:40am

It's Not Just Children Who Need Universal Preschool

Everyone's talking about the most surprising and potentially groundbreaking proposal Obama made during last night's State of the Union: universal access to preschool. Obama said he planned to work with states to make "high-quality preschool available to every child in America" because "the sooner a child begins learning,… » 2/13/13 1:40pm 2/13/13 1:40pm

John Boehner Hints That Obama Is a Loser, Then Says He's Just Trying to …

John Boehner went on State of the Union today and proved in his interview with Candy Crowley that he's fast becoming Public Frenemy Number One. He both insulted President Obama and tried to claim he's just giving his pal some constructive criticism. The most subtle jab he delivered came during a discussion of Mitt… » 4/29/12 8:00pm 4/29/12 8:00pm

The Most Glittery Declarations From the State of the Union

Last night, the Powers that Be gathered in Washington DC for the annual Nerd Oscars— the President's State of the Union address. There were ties in primary colors, John Boehner's aggressively orange skin, that hug between the President and Gabrielle Giffords that made everyone cry, plenty of clapping, and more standing … » 1/25/12 12:00pm 1/25/12 12:00pm

The State of the Union: Discuss

Tonight's a big night for President Obama. Starting at 9 p.m. Eastern, he'll be giving the annual State of the Union Address. Here's your chance to talk about all the drama. What do you think of the new seating arrangements? Which invited guest do you think has the most moving story? And, most importantly, which old… » 1/24/12 8:55pm 1/24/12 8:55pm

Members of Congress Will Go on Awkward Dates with Each Other at the…

If you needed further proof that Congress is basically an only slightly more grown up version of high school, this should convince you: As if ordered by an exasperated guidance counselor (paging Tami Taylor), lawmakers from each party have agreed to sit next to members from across the aisle during Tuesday's State of… » 1/22/12 9:30pm 1/22/12 9:30pm

Michele Bachmann Thinks Occupy Wall Street Wants 'Other People To Pay…

Our beloved confusing quote generator, Michele Bachmann, took to the airwaves today to spout all manner of nonsense, but among the most amusing things she said—and it's only amusing because we're so far past the point of taking anything she says seriously that we can barely even remember a time when we did—was… » 12/04/11 4:20pm 12/04/11 4:20pm