Hillary Clinton Also Used a Private, Homemade Email Server

Hillary Clinton is already in a great deal of hot water for using a personal email address to conduct official business during her time as Secretary of State. Our brother site Gawker reported yesterday that two other top State Department officials also used personal emails. And now, the Associated Press reports, it… » 3/04/15 1:10pm 3/04/15 1:10pm

State Department Official Arrested for Soliciting Sex with a Minor 

Daniel Rosen, the director of the U.S. State Department's counterterrorism program, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting sex with a minor. Rosen was reportedly arrested after exchanging explicit online messages with someone he believed was a juvenile. Guess whether it was actually a police officer. Just guess. » 2/25/15 1:30pm 2/25/15 1:30pm

Gee, State Department Employees Sure Love Hookers a Lot

THIS JUST IN: SEX HAS BEEN HAD. Not just any old sex, though — according to an internal State Department memo obtained by the press (and already punned nearly to death by the New York Post), the entire State Department is rife with dudes who love paying for sex when they're not on American soil, from the ambassador… » 6/11/13 6:00pm 6/11/13 6:00pm

The State Department Fights to Protect Americans From the Threat of…

In this post-9/11 Manti Te'o world, the last thing the U.S. Government wants to see is any American citizen become a victim of terrorism or an internet dating scam. So the State Department has taken some time out of its leisurely schedule to compile some tips on how to avoid getting your heart broken by a fake… » 1/24/13 5:45pm 1/24/13 5:45pm

Articles About Hillary Clinton's Hair Are Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Hillary Clinton has worn many hats during her political career — First Lady, Presidential candidate, and Secretary of State, and half of one of the most brilliant political couples of the last century, to name a few. But today, we're going to toss aside all that accomplishment and talk about her fucking hair again,… » 11/29/12 12:05pm 11/29/12 12:05pm

Hillary Clinton Can't Stand Whining About 'Having It All'

Sorry to disappoint you, incredibly quixotic ignorers of things that Hillary Clinton has been saying for like dozens of months now, but there will be no Hillary Clinton '16 bumper stickers to affix to your Saab in four years. The Secretary of State has reaffirmed in an interview with Marie Claire that she's done with… » 10/18/12 3:00pm 10/18/12 3:00pm

Anna Wintour: International Woman of Mystery

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 14: Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, arrives for a lunch hosted in honor of Prime Minister David Cameron at the State Department on March 14, 2012 in Washington, DC. Cameron is on an official visit to Washington, where President Obama will host him at a State Dinner tonight.… » 3/14/12 10:30pm 3/14/12 10:30pm

How Hillary Clinton Sells Her Pro-Women Agenda

Hillary Clinton is on the cover of a rebooted Newsweek, the cover line touting her "shattering glass ceilings." But the story isn't about her oft-wondered-about share of power in the Obama administration. It's about how she's mainstreaming women's rights causes and putting them at the center of her agenda as Secretary… » 3/07/11 10:02am 3/07/11 10:02am

Family Values Types Really Peeved About ... Passport Forms?

It's because the State Department just replaced "mother" and "father" with the gender-neutral terms "Parent 1" and "Parent 2." Uh-oh: political correctness is destroying America's families! Our documents will magically turn us all into same-sex married couples now. » 1/08/11 11:00am 1/08/11 11:00am

US Included On Human-Trafficking Report For First Time Ever

There's a first time for everything: the US State Department's annual report on human trafficking has included a rating for the United States. "We believe it is important to keep the spotlight on ourselves," explained Hillary Clinton. [UPI] » 6/15/10 11:40am 6/15/10 11:40am

Hillary 2012: A Vice Presidential Odyssey

The latest rumor coming out of Washington is that Hillary Clinton is in the running to take the VP slot in 2012, displacing Joe Biden and setting her up for another Presidential run in 2016. » 11/25/09 10:00am 11/25/09 10:00am

Hillary: Kicking Ass, Taking Names, and Making It Look Easy

Over the last nine months, Beltway pundits and insiders have cracked jokes about Clinton's standing in the Administration. But this month, HRC is riding high in the polls and dominating the media. Who's laughing now? » 10/16/09 6:00pm 10/16/09 6:00pm

Obama Appoints Openly Gay Ambassador

"If confirmed by the Senate, David Huebner would become the third openly gay ambassador in U.S. history and the first pick by this administration." [NY Times, CBS News] » 10/08/09 10:20am 10/08/09 10:20am

Still Totally Obsessing Over Hillary?

If you, too, can't get enough Hillary Clinton news and ephemera, check out Foreign Policy's new "Madame Secretary" blog, where one of us is guesting this week to talk confirmation hearings and pantsuits. [Madame Secretary] » 1/12/09 3:30pm 1/12/09 3:30pm

All We Want For Christmas Is For Hillary Clinton To Save The World

She might not be President, but as soon as she becomes Secretary of State, it's about time for Hillary to get down to saving the world, or that's Spencer Ackerman and I think, anyway.
» 12/23/08 10:00am 12/23/08 10:00am

A Day Of Transitions For Everyone!

Speculative Cabinetry Redux: Clinton, Geithner and Richardson To Come…

Hillary Clinton To Be (Or Not To Be) Secretary Of State?

Forget all the old white guys you've been hearing about (John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, or, technically Latino Bill "McGrabbyhand" Richardson), Hillary Clinton is the new name to surface in Obama's supposedly secretive hunt for a Secretary of State. Should she stay in the Senate, or should she go to Foggy Bottom? I mean,… » 11/14/08 10:00am 11/14/08 10:00am

Palin Gives Thumbs Up To Financial Bailouts, Down To Rape Victims

Another day, another dollar, another morning of Crap with me » 9/09/08 10:00am 9/09/08 10:00am and Moe — but this time, with economics! Yes, there's another financial market bail-out going on if you hadn't heard because you were being all political while the Republicans were being all al and abandoning their free market principles (again) to save…