The Essential Heartlessness of the Sharing Economy Will Be Revealed Now or Later, Maybe Via Deaths at Airbnb

At Matter, Zak Stone has written an astonishingly sad, lucid and important story that sees all the way around the legitimately complicated issue of who should be held responsible for his father’s death at an unsafe Texas property rented on Airbnb. The first paragraph: »11/09/15 12:00pm11/09/15 12:00pm


Famous Young Entrepreneur Also Allegedly Skilled at Domestic Violence

Gurbaksh Chahal, the 31-year-old self-described "die-hard entrepreneur" and chief executive of online advertising company RadiumOne, was deemed one of the youngest and wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world by Oprah Winfrey in 2010. He was also charged last night with 47 counts of domestic violence-related crimes.… »8/09/13 2:50pm8/09/13 2:50pm

Adorable Daughter Bills Dad for Home Tech Support

Oh, your parents: Teh Olds. They're always needing technical assistance with the most rudimentary computer tasks. Worse, you can't begrudge them the tech support since they're always helping you out with rides to the movie theater and money for ice cream. You can't deny them service, but goshdarnit, you should demand… »6/25/13 5:53pm6/25/13 5:53pm

Breaking News: Silicon Valley Startups Discriminate Against Old People

Silicon Valley has a "dirty secret," according to Reuters: age bias. We don't know if we'd call it a secret, exactly — it's pretty common knowledge that startups like to hire wunderkinds who are fresh out of college (or didn't even make it to graduation) who have few responsibilities other than staying up all night,… »11/27/12 2:10pm11/27/12 2:10pm

This Social Media Startup Accidentally Become an App for Pedophiles

Before Facebook decides whether to allow kids 13 and younger to officially have their own (monitored) Facebook accounts, they should consider what's happened with the social networking app Skout, which has been used by at least three adults across the country to find and allegedly sexually assault minors in the past… »6/13/12 10:00am6/13/12 10:00am

Pick the Perfect Neighborhood without Pesky Ethnic Groups Getting in the Way!

Detroit-based startup Picket Report, "a new online research tool that helps homebuyers find their perfect neighborhood," is perfect for those whose idea of the "perfect neighborhood" means no scary poor people. Curbed got some screencaps of the website's "Struggling Societies" feature, which seems to have been… »4/26/12 5:45pm4/26/12 5:45pm