Subway Sandwich Bread to No Longer Contain Chemical Found in Yoga Mats

Subway has been feeding us yoga mats. Well, to be specific: The bread at the sandwich chain’s American locations carries a chemical that is also found in yoga mats and sneaker soles for elasticity. This does not happen in Subways abroad, but the company is ditching it here in the good ol' USA, isn’t that nice? » 2/07/14 12:00pm 2/07/14 12:00pm

Coffee Milkshakes Are Turning Us All into Jittery Rhino-People

Sunday is National Coffee Day, a holiday NBC News would like to observe by telling us all that coffee drinks — our lattes and frappucinos and frothing, caramel-drizzled macchiatos — are slowly turning us into race of jittery behemoths. We will stomp around the world frantically until our hearts explode in our chests… » 9/28/13 5:45pm 9/28/13 5:45pm

Greek Yogurt's Global Takeover Continues With New Starbucks Brand

It's Greek yogurt, see. It's Greeker than regular yogurt. Eat it. You love it. All other yogurt must kneel before Greek yogurt. Zeus is now intergalactic hegemon of yogurt. Oh, so you think Zeus is not real? Foolish mortal. He sprang into form 'pon Mount Olympus because yogurt willed it so. Greek yogurt. Now Starbucks… » 7/24/13 11:00am 7/24/13 11:00am

Starbucks Says If You're Not Down With Marriage Equality, Sell Your…

Everyone obnoxiously order your heavily modified breakfast beverage of choice, and say cheers to the boobless mermaids in Seattle. Yes, we're saying you should get a fancy coffee drink and thank Starbucks, because those shining examples of corporate decency strongly back marriage equality, and if you don't — they want … » 3/22/13 9:30am 3/22/13 9:30am

Why, Exactly, Should we Celebrate Starbucks Appreciation Day?

Equally Wed, a lesbian and gay wedding magazine, wants gay marriage advocates to buy as many frappuccinos as their insulin levels can handle on Tuesday in honor of National Marriage Equality Day, aka The Event Formerly Known As Starbucks Appreciation Day. » 8/06/12 5:15pm 8/06/12 5:15pm

Now You Can Have Your Next Tea Party at Starbucks

No doubt you've found yourself walking into a Starbucks and thinking, "Man, this place could really use some more tea. And they should get rid of all this dumb coffee stuff, too." But the mind-readers at Starbucks have heard the complaints of your internal monologue and are taking action: The company announced that they… » 6/21/12 9:30am 6/21/12 9:30am

Now You Can Get Your Starbucks Drinks Without All the Extra Insects

First Starbucks switched to cochineal extract, a food coloring made from ground up bugs, to satisfy the demands of people wanting more natural products used in their food. Then the vegans found out the company had opted for insects and freaked out. So now Starbucks has announced it has abandoned the bug juice and will… » 4/19/12 9:15pm 4/19/12 9:15pm

Starbucks Marks the Opening of Its First Fancy Juice Bar With an…

We first learned about Starbucks's plan for World Juice Domination back in November when they purchased juice company Evolution Fresh. Now, lo these many months later, the first Evolution Fresh store has opened in Bellevue, Washington, and, well, it sort of looks like what you'd get if a Whole Foods and a Starbucks… » 3/19/12 9:00pm 3/19/12 9:00pm

This Five-Year-Old Girl's Thoughts on Famous Logos Will Blow Your Mind

Graphic Designer Adam Ladd sat his daughter down and showed her famous brand logos—from NBC to Starbucks. He recorded her impressions of each one, and the results are both adorable, insightful, and kind of heartbreaking. When it's laid out like this, you realize just how much commercialism kids her age are bombarded… » 1/30/12 11:15pm 1/30/12 11:15pm

Soon You'll Be Able to Get Wasted at Starbucks

As if their complete control over your morning addiction wasn't enough, Starbucks has now announced it's going to start selling booze at some of its cafes during the evening. Oh, this is going to be good—you'll be able to get hammered at night and then sober up on a venti caramel macchiato the next morning. (Or if… » 1/23/12 9:00pm 1/23/12 9:00pm