Astrologer Susan Miller Takes A Closer Look At Prince William & Kate

Though she already shared some thoughts about Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement, at our request, frighteningly accurate astrologer Susan Miller has gone more in-depth! » 12/06/10 3:40pm 12/06/10 3:40pm

Astrology Inspires Fashion, Gorgeousness Ensues

British Vogue has just published one of the most beautiful — and original — fashion editorials in ages. It's all about the signs of the zodiac, and it is downright dreamy. » 12/01/10 5:40pm 12/01/10 5:40pm

Astrologer Susan Miller Has Good News & Bad News For William & Kate

Now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially engaged, noted astrologer Susan Miller has weighed in on the royal romance via Twitter. Good news! And, um, bad news. » 11/18/10 6:45pm 11/18/10 6:45pm