The Typewriter ASCII Portraits of Classic Hollywood and the Obsessive Fans Who Made Them

The charm of old movie fan magazines is their sweetness. Their pages may have hinted at all sorts of sordid behavior, but their tone matched that of their most guileless reader—and they incorporated reader perspectives in every issue, printing copious letters and even occasionally letting readers share their own… »11/06/15 1:50pm11/06/15 1:50pm


Creepy 'Stans' Attack 15-Year-Old Girl for Daring to Pose With Beyoncé

What happens when a fifteen-year-old poses for a photo with Beyoncé and her mom posts it to her (private) Facebook account? It leaks out, and the teenager gets made fun of for her "furry ass face," because people are horrible — especially the creepily maniacal groupies best known as "stans" — and there is no hope for… »6/01/12 5:30pm6/01/12 5:30pm