Beleaguered Post Office Demands Extra Penny For Stamps

It's time to hoard those "forever" stamps, or just budget an extra three cents for all the letters you'll be mailing next year. In the first price increase in more than two years, stamps will cost 45 cents as of January 22. Postcards will go up three cents, and there are some other small increases that will amount to… » 10/19/11 11:15am 10/19/11 11:15am

Postage Stamps To Honor The Living

As part of its desperate attempt to save itself from bankruptcy, the U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday that it will throw out its ban on putting living people's pictures on stamps. The postal service is accepting suggestions for people who should be honored with a stamp, and Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and… » 9/27/11 6:20pm 9/27/11 6:20pm