The Dior Show Closed With Karlie Kloss's Naked Ass

The spring Christian Dior collection walked in Paris earlier today. Dior still has not replaced fired creative director John Galliano, who lost his job after being arrested for hurling racial abuse at a couple in a Paris café six months ago, so studio head Bill Gaytten took the bow at the show's conclusion. Karolina… » 9/30/11 2:20pm 9/30/11 2:20pm

The Impact Of Diversity On The Catwalk

Every season, New York fashion week comes around, giving us all endless opportunities to gawk at front-row celebrities and trends in the making. And every season, this website tracks the racial diversity — or, more bluntly, the lack thereof — on display among the models who are cast for the top shows. This season's… » 9/28/11 5:35pm 9/28/11 5:35pm

Another Underage Model Breaks The Rules, Slips On To The Catwalk

The top international modeling agency Women has copped to an oopsie: its most promising new face of the season, a girl by the name of Valerija Sestic who has already walked for 16 of the biggest designers at New York fashion week, is underage. In a season when all modeling agencies made a pledge not to put girls under… » 9/23/11 4:30pm 9/23/11 4:30pm

The Best Of New York Fashion Week's Smaller Shows

So by now, you've probably read all about Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta and what they're doing for spring. You've seen photo galleries of the big designers' collections, their backstage scenes, their favored beauty looks, their nail art for the season. Maybe you've read random people's thoughts… » 9/16/11 7:31pm 9/16/11 7:31pm

Proenza Schouler Takes Space-Age Kitsch, Makes Beautiful Fashion

Proenza Schouler's spring collection was inspired, the designers said last night, by Googie architecture. Which, our room-mate with the M.A. in modern architectural history informs us, is a mid-century architectural subgenre associated with the west coast and car culture — ultramodern at the time, a little crass, a… » 9/15/11 2:50pm 9/15/11 2:50pm

Rodarte Gives The World A Vincent Van Gogh-Inspired Collection

Rodarte showed a spring collection that was eminently "wearable" — which I guess is fashionspeak for "there were no horror-film-inspired dresses that looked like they were bleeding this time around." And nothing made of tentacles of black leather, either. Nor any rag-bag collages. What front-row guests like Elle and… » 9/14/11 7:45pm 9/14/11 7:45pm

DKNY Does Red, White And Blue For Spring

For spring and summer, DKNY showed clothes that looked fresh and sweet, without getting too cutesy. There were plenty of long, unstructured dresses that swished around the models' legs as they made their way around the long runway. For the dog days, they looked like they would be as comfortable as they'd be elegant.
» 9/13/11 7:40pm 9/13/11 7:40pm

Betsey Johnson: Now With 100% More Nicki Minaj

Last night at Betsey Johnson, I was stalking the runway, trying to recognize if there were any celebrities around. A tiny blonde woman appeared and disappeared suddenly beside me; it was Kristin Chenoweth. (I think.) Then, just as I saw Johnny Weir, an entourage emerged from backstage. In its center was a pouf of… » 9/13/11 6:50pm 9/13/11 6:50pm

Prabal Gurung Plumps For Purple — And Nicki Minaj Showed Up

Nicki Minaj was in the front row at Prabal Gurung's show this weekend. I am generally terrible at recognizing celebrities in real life — unless they're Fran Lebowitz — but I have to admit this was a pretty extreme boldfacefail. I mean, she's Nicki Minaj. And she's wearing a pink bow that looks like a halo.
» 9/12/11 7:10pm 9/12/11 7:10pm

Lindsay Lohan Got A Photographer Kicked Out Of Cynthia Rowley's Fashion…

There was a whole lot of commotion in the hall on Friday night as I took my seat at Cynthia Rowley. I noticed Alexa Chung and Nigel Barker in the front row, as well as usuals like Leigh Lezark, and then tried to imagine who everyone else was. And then, after the protective plastic covering had already been pulled off… » 9/12/11 6:00pm 9/12/11 6:00pm

Costello Tagliapietra's Dramatic Draped Dresses

Costello Tagliapietra's show was not exactly surprising — but it didn't need to be. All of Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra's signature elements were present — draped jersey dresses, lovely satins, and the same air-dyed textiles they've been using for five seasons now — and they were all perfectly lovely.… » 9/12/11 5:10pm 9/12/11 5:10pm

Richard Chai Brings The Color For Spring

Yesterday morning's Richard Chai show was a bright highlight of fashion week so far. There were stripes, and floral prints, and the coolest flats. Nothing fussy, just cute summer clothes in oranges, royal blues, and mint greens.
» 9/09/11 3:30pm 9/09/11 3:30pm