​Epic Garden Obstacle Course is Basically Ninja Warrior for Squirrels

Apparently Youtube user Steve Barley had made an obstacle course for squirrels before, but this is some next level shit. He's rigged up the "Triple Squirrel Assault Course" out of everyday items like an ironing board and a sink plunger. Honestly, I wish that thing was human size because it looks way too fun. Anyway,… »7/05/14 3:19pm7/05/14 3:19pm

What The Ladies Are Talking About: Abortions, Boobs, And Eating Squirrel Meat

The past week of lady talk shows was pretty grim, and not the wacky romp of group vagina smiles or porn convos that we've grown used to. (For example Oprah had an episode all about a woman whose husband offed himself and left her a million dollars in debt on purpose, just to be a jerk.) Tyra had an episode dedicated… »2/19/08 4:00pm2/19/08 4:00pm