​Epic Garden Obstacle Course is Basically Ninja Warrior for Squirrels

Apparently Youtube user Steve Barley had made an obstacle course for squirrels before, but this is some next level shit. He's rigged up the "Triple Squirrel Assault Course" out of everyday items like an ironing board and a sink plunger. Honestly, I wish that thing was human size because it looks way too fun. Anyway,… » 7/05/14 3:19pm 7/05/14 3:19pm

Brave/Stupid Squirrel Flirts with Majestic/Comatose Eagle

This eagle must've just eaten, right? Because there can be no other explanation for this insane behavior. Or maybe squirrel meat just isn't that delicious? Or this eagle is vegan by choice! I know, I know, eagles are obligate carnivores and so they can't be vegan... but it's cute to think about! » 12/28/12 10:40am 12/28/12 10:40am

Girl with Bubonic Plague Goes to the Zoo

A Colorado girl named Sierra Jane Downing is out of the hospital after overcoming a bout of squirrel-borne bubonic plague—the first case in the state in six years. Upon being released, Sierra headed straight to the zoo (where, presumably, she stayed away from the pestilent rodent exhibit). » 9/12/12 6:45pm 9/12/12 6:45pm

SQIRLS Is the Best Girls Parody of a Generation

Girls! Some people loved it, some people hated it, many people are sick of talking about it. Whichever camp you fall into, I think we can all agree that SQIRLS, a Girls parody featuring, what else, squirrels, truly speaks for our generation, no matter what generation we happen to belong to. » 7/11/12 2:15pm 7/11/12 2:15pm

A Squirrel-Eating Trend Afoot? Say It Isn't So

Supposedly the Great Recession has led to an increase in squirrel consumption. If true, it is heartbreaking (someone should invent a tofu version of squirrel). But maybe it isn't actually happening? Have you spotted any squirrel hunters lately? » 11/27/10 6:10pm 11/27/10 6:10pm

The 10 Worst Pickup Lines We've Ever Heard

The response to our Worst Pickup Lines contest has been overwhelming — the dudes (and ladies) of the world have some seriously bizarro game. After the jump, the winners of our fabulous prizes, and eight teeth-licking, ass-smelling, incest-porn-discussing honorable mentions. » 7/08/10 12:40pm 7/08/10 12:40pm

Perhaps we should all read ladymags with such expressions of contemptuous incredulity as British journalist Tanya Gold » 8/13/08 3:30pm 8/13/08 3:30pm displays here. Actually, just read in which Gold replicates much-discussed project of living by the advice of women's magazines. Of course, Alter was dead-serious, whereas Gold has this to say about

What The Ladies Are Talking About: Abortions, Boobs, And Eating…

The past week of lady talk shows was pretty grim, and not the wacky romp of group vagina smiles or porn convos that we've grown used to. (For example Oprah had an episode all about a woman whose husband offed himself and left her a million dollars in debt on purpose, just to be a jerk.) Tyra had an episode dedicated… » 2/19/08 4:00pm 2/19/08 4:00pm