Little Girl Has Meltdown When Nature Sends Six Bears to Rip Up Her Pool

Five years from now, the little girl featured in this video will watch this and realize just how flagrantly youth is wasted on the young. That’s because, at eight years old, she’ll realize what she didn’t at three: Bears chilling on your swingset isn’t a cause for tears but a cause for celebration! (Just like when a… » 8/21/15 3:00pm 8/21/15 3:00pm

Watch This Half-Pup Steal Your Whole Heart

Get ready to end this weekend by violently sobbing into your bowl of nachos (assuming you are enjoying some at the moment.) Say hello to Bonsai, an English Bulldog who has several rare deformities. He was born with only half a spine, no pelvis, tiny hind legs and engorged with fluid, which prohibited mobility of his… » 7/12/15 11:10pm 7/12/15 11:10pm

The Elderly Are Very Into the Hot, Steamy Strippers of Magic Mike XXL

“Are you ready to be worshipped?” Jada Pinkett-Smith asks. “I am,” replies the senior citizen watching the video, who looks very confused about exactly what’s being asked. And that’s just the beginning of this video, which captures the reactions of a slice of America’s aging population to the most exciting stripper… » 7/10/15 6:30pm 7/10/15 6:30pm

Watch This Kitten in a Dress Get Real About Drinking Some Milk

This video is entitled “Cute Baby Cat,” but it is so much more than that. So much, much more. It’s a video of a kitten in a dress drinking from a dropper of milk and it is incredibly important. I am sitting in my living room rocking back and forth because this video is fucking game over and my therapist is out of town… » 7/09/15 11:45pm 7/09/15 11:45pm

Watch This Smug-As-Hell Cat Completely Ruin Its Owner's Hot Yoga Video

An important fact about cats: They don’t give a shit about you or your life and they couldn’t care less if you’re making a hot yoga video for your subscribers. If they want to wander into the frame and chill the fuck out halfway through your impressive yoga moves, they’re going to do it...and there’s nothing you can… » 7/03/15 12:15am 7/03/15 12:15am

This One-Eyed Cat Giving Himself a Bath Is the Hero We Need, Deserve

Meet Mick, a very special cat who doesn’t need you or yours to feel himself and keep his life on track. Mick wants to take a bath, and oh—there aren’t any humans around? Mick will draw himself a bath in the sink. You want to know why Mick likes baths when cats aren’t supposed to? Mick’s got an answer for you: “Because… » 6/13/15 7:00pm 6/13/15 7:00pm

Say Hello to This Newborn Pygmy Hippo

Let’s give a warm welcome to an adorable new animal friend. A baby pygmy hippopotamus has made his dazzling debut at Melbourne Zoo. The tiny, yet-to-be-named hippo was the first one to be born at the zoo in 34 years. He’s doing well with his growth progress, putting on up to half a kilogram a day reports The Guardian.… » 6/07/15 11:30pm 6/07/15 11:30pm

This Happy Bear Waving and Catching Bread Is Going To Make Me Lose It

There was only one reason I got out of bed this morning. Well, two, actually: 1) I had to go to work and 2) this shy and friendly bear waving for a loaf of bread. Listen, if this doesn’t make your entire day, you might as well go back to bed and wait until something cuter comes along. But that’ll be a while. Between … » 6/05/15 8:00pm 6/05/15 8:00pm