Watch This Fabulous Chicken Judge The Hell Out Of a Kid's New Haircut

You know when you get a new haircut and even your best friends don’t recognize you? Like on the makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model? The only one worth watching per season? Well, now you can watch the same thing happen, except the surprised friend is a judgy-as-hell chicken. » 5/14/15 11:30pm 5/14/15 11:30pm

These Cats Hate Everything, But Especially Your Dumb Birthday

Only weeks ago, the internet was rocked by the revelation that cats, who had previously been thought to be revenge-thirsty monsters, may not be dicks just for the sake of it. That’s a nice thought, but just one look at this video of cats ruining birthdays will prove something very important: cats hate you, cats hate… » 5/13/15 9:30pm 5/13/15 9:30pm

Here's a Cat Just Fucking Sliding Down a Bannister Like a Boss

A friendly reminder: never mess with cats: They will come after you, and if you embarrass them they will never ever forgive you. So whoever taped this video of a cat accidentally sliding down a bannister like a cool kid in an ‘80s movie is in a whole heap of trouble, and should probably watch his back at night. » 4/29/15 7:30pm 4/29/15 7:30pm

Uh, Here's an Orphaned Baby Lamb Picking On a Napping Dog

Thank god for the internet, because without it we wouldn’t have a) a free-flowing and never-ending stream of pornographic material and b) videos of baby lambs who think they’re dogs and just try to fuck some shit up. There’s not much more that can be said abou this video except that it’s Sunday and you deserve it. » 4/26/15 5:15pm 4/26/15 5:15pm

These Cats Don't Give a Fuck About You Making the Bed

Cats are adorable, but they also couldn’t give less of a shit about you, your life or your struggles. Especially if either of those things require them to move when they don’t want to. Meet Cole and Marmalade, two cats who could start an entire consulting company catering to cats who want to learn how to be as… » 4/16/15 11:30pm 4/16/15 11:30pm

Watch This Asshole Bunny Literally Steal Crackers From a Helpless Baby

How many times must the world be reminded that rabbits are not adorable fluffbots from planet AWWW but arbiters of pure evil, sent here from hell to bring pain and suffering upon the good and wicked indiscriminately? Perhaps this video of a monster bunny taking food from the mouth of a baby will finally make you… » 4/15/15 12:35am 4/15/15 12:35am

Watch This Very Reasonable Human Freak The Fuck Out Over a Manatee

Here are some important facts about manatees, the ocean’s most majestic creatures: They are herbivores, they spend a great deal of their time sleeping and examining objects (fucking yes!) and their only enemy is the human, a monster that’s pushed every species of the beloved sea cow to near extinction. That’s why I… » 4/09/15 10:30pm 4/09/15 10:30pm

Here's the Most Important Guinea Pig Transportation Video You Will See

Forget any guinea pig video you may have seen before. This song, created by the man who gave you “Amazing Cat” and “Boppity Bunny” is a fitting accompaniment to a video that showcases a true marvel of modern technology: A bridge designed for the specific purpose of moving thousands of guinea pigs. Has science gone… » 4/06/15 11:00pm 4/06/15 11:00pm

Dumbass Squirrel Can't Pick up Tomato, Will Adorably Starve to Death

If the book I read in middle school was correct, squirrels are evil mutant creatures that can survive in the wild by feasting on the flesh of sixth graders. Sadly, this is one squirrel who will likely have a lot of trouble staying alive, because it can't even pick up a cherry tomato, much less bite out a preteen's… » 3/31/15 11:15pm 3/31/15 11:15pm

Angry Young Owl Surprises Some Nice Suburban Housewives

This is what the world has come to: The evil marshmallow sacks known formally as owls are no longer content to attack humans in the wild. Instead, these tiny balls of clawed terror are showing up on doorsteps to demand sacrifice, fuck up your home and remind you that you may be at the top of the food chain but an owl… » 3/26/15 10:15pm 3/26/15 10:15pm

Meet Some Kittens Who Live by the 'Start Shit, Get Hit' Philosophy

Yo, who are you calling a "pussy?" These aren't kitties, they're full-grown motherfucking cats and THEY WISH YOU WOULD. What are you waiting for, big dogs? they seem to be saying. Why don't you come over here and tell it to my fucking face! If I were the dogs in this video, I wouldn't mess with these kittens. And you… » 3/25/15 9:15pm 3/25/15 9:15pm

Here's Some Cats Getting Fucking Aggressive With Pizza

Who knew that cats liked pizza? They hate anyone and everything else, but can a slice of cheesy goodness be the one thing that connects us to our feline overlords? Watch as these cats try (and sometimes spectacularly fail) to secure the one thing that all people can agree on. (And don't miss Hank Hill towards the end.) » 3/24/15 1:50pm 3/24/15 1:50pm

This Puppy Riding in a Tiny Shopping Cart Is Proof of God's Love

What else is there to prove that a higher power exists other than a tiny puppy in a tiny shopping cart being ferried around a store? Take a look at that puppy's stoic little face, his tiny little paws and his giant ears and I think you'll agree that you can rest easy on that whole "does a heaven exist?" question. It… » 3/19/15 11:30pm 3/19/15 11:30pm

Internet's Broest Cats Are Only Into GTL, Not LTRs

Look at these fucking cats. These cats have more chill, swag, and confidence in their tiny paws than many of us have in our entire constitution. Look at how comfortable they are just hanging out, giving high fives, chilling with half-naked dudes and just kicking back in a basket near some weights. Do these cats lift?… » 3/18/15 9:45pm 3/18/15 9:45pm