​Cow Whisperer Assembles Herd of Cows Probably for World Domination

Rudi Rok is a voice actor and internet personality who can mimic animal noises really well. So well, that he tricks animals. He's like the David Blaine of furry things. While given the hubbub about the 29 impersonations dude being a fake, I feel like I must exercise an even more intense degree of caution/everything… » 7/13/14 4:45pm Yesterday 4:45pm

Did You Know Giant Fearsome Cougars Make Adorable Baby Kitten Noises!?

I've spent my whole life living in a place where lots of cougars also live, so for my own safety I was raised to RESPECT THE COUGAR. Cougars are not "cute." Cougars are not giant kitties. Cougars are majestic, dangerous beasts that are probably sitting in a tree above you right now waiting to drop down and fasten… » 7/11/14 6:15pm Friday 6:15pm

​Epic Garden Obstacle Course is Basically Ninja Warrior for Squirrels

Apparently Youtube user Steve Barley had made an obstacle course for squirrels before, but this is some next level shit. He's rigged up the "Triple Squirrel Assault Course" out of everyday items like an ironing board and a sink plunger. Honestly, I wish that thing was human size because it looks way too fun. Anyway,… » 7/05/14 3:19pm 7/05/14 3:19pm

Only Pugs Can Make Independence Day Watchable (And Hella Cute)

As the fourth of July approaches, we are reminded that at one point in time Will Smith made an alien film that was a huge mistake because it was not hilarious and did not feature Linda Fiorentino in a starring role. This video of pugs acting out that movie won't return the $20 you spent on the VHS to your pocket, but… » 7/03/14 7:36pm 7/03/14 7:36pm

Here Are Some Adorable Puppies Hiccuping Just For You

I don't know what it is about the combination of puppies and hiccups that's so magical, but this compilation of dogs just working their way through some strange new sensation (you never get used to it, puppies) in their throat is the only thing that will protect you from any sort of forthcoming apocalypse. (You'll… » 7/02/14 9:30pm 7/02/14 9:30pm

Robin Thicke's Paula Lyrics Are as Pathetic as a Soaking Wet Animal

We're all well aware that Paula, Robin Thicke's win-her-back concept album is at best unpalatable and a bit creepy, at worst a crock of pitiful stalker-y shit. Our friends at Vulture have pointed out some of the more particularly passionate (read: shudder-inducing) lyrics on his various tracks, and here at Jezebel,… » 7/02/14 5:45pm 7/02/14 5:45pm

Dog Gets 100 Balls for His Birthday, Just About Loses His Shit

Remember Maymo that Clumsy Cabbage Thief? (How is that not a children's book yet?) Well, apparently it was the dog's birthday recently, and Maymo's owners decided to shower him with gifts: 100 balls. If it was my birthday, you know I'd be taking those 100 balls and making a goddamn ball pit à la Discovery Zone. … » 6/29/14 1:00pm 6/29/14 1:00pm

Hipster Guinea Pig Professor Boo Boo Was Cute Before it Was Cool

Have you heard of guinea pigs? If you haven't, don't worry, it's because they're really underground. Really, indie, you know? Like Metric was before they got big? Anyway, that's what these animals are. Only the coolest people have them and only one guinea pig is so cool he has his own photo series. That guinea pig is… » 6/23/14 8:30pm 6/23/14 8:30pm