Everything Sucks, So Here's a Video Of Puppies Swimming for the First Time

The best thing about these puppies is that they all look like old men trying to figure out water for the first time. The second-best thing about these puppies is that they are very, very happy to be swimming for the first time. Like happier than humans would be. Just keep this video open in a tab forever. »11/15/15 1:55pm11/15/15 1:55pm

This Dog Whose Food Obsession Cost His Owners $37,000 Is Inspiring

Being a dog is already pretty great: Free food and drink, an entire world to shit on, and just hours of nothing to do but take naps and then lazily lick your privates. And then there’s Rollo, a dog who’s taken dogging to such a new level that his owners had to drop $37,000 on house renovations to keep him away from… »9/29/15 3:45pm9/29/15 3:45pm

Watch the World's Tiniest Lion Fail Spectacularly at Roaring

I hope there’s a live-action Lion King coming, because we’ve just found the perfect Young Simba (older Simba, of course, will be played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas emerging from his semi-retirement). This lion cub probably wouldn’t want anyone to be cooing over how precious he is—he’s a wild ferocious creature!—but… »9/24/15 5:40pm9/24/15 5:40pm

This Clip of British Babies Chilling With Elephant Babies Is Really Too Much

In a clip from an episode of BBC’s This Wild Life, which follows wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton and her family’s move to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya (sort of an IRL The Wild Thornberrys), Saba and her young kids hang out with Sokotei, a recently orphaned baby elephant, at an orphanage in Nairobi. »9/04/15 2:30pm9/04/15 2:30pm

Little Girl Has Meltdown When Nature Sends Six Bears to Rip Up Her Pool

Five years from now, the little girl featured in this video will watch this and realize just how flagrantly youth is wasted on the young. That’s because, at eight years old, she’ll realize what she didn’t at three: Bears chilling on your swingset isn’t a cause for tears but a cause for celebration! (Just like when a… »8/21/15 3:00pm8/21/15 3:00pm

The Elderly Are Very Into the Hot, Steamy Strippers of Magic Mike XXL

“Are you ready to be worshipped?” Jada Pinkett-Smith asks. “I am,” replies the senior citizen watching the video, who looks very confused about exactly what’s being asked. And that’s just the beginning of this video, which captures the reactions of a slice of America’s aging population to the most exciting stripper… »7/10/15 6:30pm7/10/15 6:30pm

Watch This Kitten in a Dress Get Real About Drinking Some Milk

This video is entitled “Cute Baby Cat,” but it is so much more than that. So much, much more. It’s a video of a kitten in a dress drinking from a dropper of milk and it is incredibly important. I am sitting in my living room rocking back and forth because this video is fucking game over and my therapist is out of town… »7/09/15 11:45pm7/09/15 11:45pm

Watch This Smug-As-Hell Cat Completely Ruin Its Owner's Hot Yoga Video

An important fact about cats: They don’t give a shit about you or your life and they couldn’t care less if you’re making a hot yoga video for your subscribers. If they want to wander into the frame and chill the fuck out halfway through your impressive yoga moves, they’re going to do it...and there’s nothing you can… »7/03/15 12:15am7/03/15 12:15am