​Pussy Riot Supposedly in Talks to Be in Spring Breakers Sequel…

So this is strange. In light of James Franco denouncing the sequel for the movie Spring Breakers (entitled Spring Breakers: The Second Coming), Indie Wire is reporting that members of Pussy Riot are set to meet with the producers about a potentially big role in the follow up. While Harmony Korine has not endorsed… » 5/18/14 2:35pm 5/18/14 2:35pm

Rejoice, Hedonists: A Spring Breakers Sequel Is Headed Your Way

Breakout your pink ski mask — French film distribution company Wild Bunch has just announced that they will attempt to secure funding for a Spring Breakers sequel called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Looks like spring break really does go on forever and ever. » 5/06/14 4:45pm 5/06/14 4:45pm

Watch Vanessa Hudgens' New Music Video Called, Wait for It, '$$$ex'

Vanessa Hudgens has taken her "Spring Breakers" role to heart, adopting the fluorescent neon tackiness of Harmony Korine's vision and incorporating it into her new music video for her song she performs with L.A.'s "trendy" girl group, YLA. Titled "$$$ex," (in case you didn't know it was 2013), the song pays homage to… » 5/03/13 7:50pm 5/03/13 7:50pm

Spring Breakers: Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

Sitting in a movie theater over the weekend, waiting for Spring Breakers to start, there were a bunch of groups of guys entering the theater, and just a few women. Makes sense: The trailer and posters promised guns and bikinis. And for those of us hoping for a glimmer of girl-power from a flick with four female stars,… » 3/18/13 5:40pm 3/18/13 5:40pm

Girls Behaving Badly and James Franco With Cornrows: The Spring Breakers

Finally, the film you've been waiting for: Spring Breakers. In which former Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens join Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson strip down for some ominous fun in the sun. In which James Franco does his best Riff Raff. In which Gucci Mane acts. The Harmony Korine-directed flick… » 1/17/13 12:15pm 1/17/13 12:15pm