Domestic Abuser Released from Jail, Murders Woman He Was Convicted of Abusing, Two Other Exes

A Canadian man imprisoned for choking a woman two years ago was released in December. Months later, he’s accused of murdering that woman and two others, all believed to be his ex-girlfriends. New reports have also revealed that the suspect, Basil Borutski, had a long history of violent and disturbing behavior against… »9/25/15 4:45pm9/25/15 4:45pm

Government Shocked By Depressing Rape Statistics We All Learned About in College

Government officials are agog at the results of a survey that found that 1 in 5 women have been victims of rape or attempted rape, and that the number of rapes reported to authorities are dwarfed by the actual number of rapes that occur. Did none of the shocked attend a freshman anti-rape seminar in college? »12/14/11 6:15pm12/14/11 6:15pm

Topeka Loses Its Damn Mind, Repeals Law Against Domestic Violence

We're in the midst of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and last night city officials in Topeka, Kansas marked the occasion by decriminalizing domestic violence. Their intent is actually to make sure that the cases will be prosecuted properly, not to encourage citizens to beat their spouses with impunity.… »10/12/11 1:10pm10/12/11 1:10pm

Citing Budget Concerns, City May Decriminalize Domestic Violence

When cities face a budget crunch, city government often has to make tough decisions — say, laying off municipal employees, reducing the amount of funding that can go to after school programs, increasing property taxes, cutting the amount of money that they spend on their own personal security detail. Sacrifices are… »10/06/11 5:20pm10/06/11 5:20pm