Dude, Sweet? Ashton Kutcher Joining Two And A Half Men

It's funny, you almost forget that Ashton Kutcher — Mr. Demi Moore, professional Twitter enthusiast and camera commercial attention-hog — is also an actor. But he is! He fauxbanged Natalie Portman in that friends with benefits movie that was not called Friends With Benefits! He was on that bell-bottoms show! Which… »5/13/11 9:00am5/13/11 9:00am


Women Around The World Run For Their Lives, But Does Anyone Care About Female Athletes?

The only woman on Afghanistan's Olympic team is a runner, reports National Geographic. She does the 1500 meters in 4:50, which is great, but probably not good enough (3:50 is the record). Still! Afghanistan has never won an Olympic medal, and the country was banned from the Sydney games due to Taliban rule. Mahboba… »3/18/08 5:00pm3/18/08 5:00pm