Could Football Head Injuries Turn Retired Players Into Sex Offenders?

Football has long been a source of headache and heartache for fans. But for players, the lingering thrill of victory or agony of defeat isn't the only thing they carry with them for years after they leave the field — long-term brain injuries sustained while playing the sport can lead to early onset dementia,… »7/24/12 2:00pm7/24/12 2:00pm


NFL Player Fined $10K For Calling Wife With Injury Update

If you'd just watched your spouse get injured badly enough to get taken out of a pro football game, you'd probably be desperate for a status update, but according to the NFL, you'd be asking for a hefty fine. Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers must pay $10,000 for borrowing a trainer's cell phone during last… »10/23/11 10:07pm10/23/11 10:07pm