Meet Your New Athlete Cover Girls

Cover Girl signed two new faces, and both are athletes: boxer Marlen Esparza, right, and beach volleyball player Jennifer Kessy, left. Kessy and Esparza will compete at the London Olympics this summer — and they make a bit of a change from the roster of actors, singers, and models who usually shill for Big Makeup. "You… » 4/05/12 2:35pm 4/05/12 2:35pm

Racist Girls Basketball Team Explains They're Totally Not Racist

This week every player on Kenmore East High School's girls basketball team is serving a two day suspension for performing a pre-game chant that included the N-word. The team's only black player says she asked her teammates to stop doing the cheer, but they explained it was just a joke and they aren't racist.… » 12/13/11 10:30am 12/13/11 10:30am