Five Very Good Reasons to Hire a Ghost as Your Babysitter

One of today’s biggest stories is about a family who may have discovered a ghost in their nursery. Instead of being happy about it, however, the dumbasses have already gone to the media to complain about the metaphysical being inhabiting their nursery. Why is that being a “dumbass” you want to know? Uh, mainly because… »8/11/15 1:20pm8/11/15 1:20pm


Dead Girlfriend's FB Messages From Beyond the Grave Will Terrify You

Despite the fact that this weekend is all about FREEDOM and FIREWORKS and ASKING PEOPLE TO HOLD YOUR BEER WHILE YOU DO SOMETHING STUPID, a story that's been blowing up all over Reddit will make you think that what we're really heading into is halloween. Because it's so creepy, it will make you lose sleep. »7/03/14 4:00pm7/03/14 4:00pm