This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends

Thirty-four years ago, at the launch of Ted Turner's Cable News Network, the founder made a grandiose and specific promise about his newly created round-the-clock operation. "Barring satellite problems, we won't be signing off until the world ends," Turner declared. And in anticipation, he prepared a final video… »1/05/15 1:04pm1/05/15 1:04pm


Netflix Launches Spoiler Alert Site to Help Ruin Everything For You

Just like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, some people like to read the last page of the book first ("That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends," Harry tells Sally). For some, it makes it easier to get through a story knowing what you're going to end up with. Not everybody can handle the stress… »9/23/14 10:40am9/23/14 10:40am

Spoilers Don't Ruin A Story, They Make It Even Better

Nothing angers online fans quite like an improperly labeled spoiler, as many people think a story will be ruined if they find out beforehand that the hero manages to triumph over the forces of evil. However, a new study challenges the necessity of the "spoiler alert." According to the researchers, I actually enjoyed … »8/10/11 11:27pm8/10/11 11:27pm

Sex And The City Plot Details Leak; Nobody Dies

Sex and the City premiered in London yesterday and the reviews — and spoilers — are rolling in. So far, the responses to the film are mixed. Fox News loved it, the Times of London gave it two stars out of five, and everyone, including The Sun, thinks that, clocking in at over two hours, the movie is way too long for a… »5/13/08 4:00pm5/13/08 4:00pm