Get Ready to Cream Your Crumpets: Prince William and Duchess Shinylocks Hang With a Dog and a Baby

Royal dog alert! Prince William and Kate Middleton — the Duke and Duchess of Adorableton — attended a royal polo game in the Gloucestershire countryside on Sunday and brought their black cocker spaniel, Lupo. Earlier in the day, Kate spent some time with inner-city kids on a camping trip in Kent, and at the polo game… »6/18/12 10:25am6/18/12 10:25am


Have You Gotten a Good Look at Angelina's Gorgeous Ring?

If you haven't yet had a chance to get a really close look at Angelina Jolie's engagement ring, today your life will be changed forever. It's gorgeous. Simple, elegant, refined, with invisible settings and rectangular stones that look great on her finger. For some reason, it kind of seems natural, like it wasn't… »4/17/12 9:00am4/17/12 9:00am

In an Effort to Look Miserable, Anne Hathaway Chops Off Her Long, Luscious Locks

Breaking celebrity haircut news! Joining the ranks of Demi Moore and Rooney Mara before her, Anne Hathaway has caused a larger stir than is warranted after lopping off her precious tresses for a movie. Losing more than a bunch of body weight Fantine in the upcoming adaptation of Les Misérables, the actress is making… »4/09/12 9:00am4/09/12 9:00am

Amanda Bynes Stupidly Decides to Drive Drunk and Run Into a Cop Car

We haven't heard much from Amanda Bynes lately, but early this morning she crashed back into the news by getting busted for a DUI. Bynes, who's looking fairly composed in her mugshot and seems to be sporting the pale pink dye job that's all the rage right now, was arrested in West Hollywood after she did the dumbest… »4/06/12 8:00pm4/06/12 8:00pm

From Break-Up To Bride, Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Get Engaged

They've always seemed like one of the most miserable couples around but persistence must really pay off because folks are saying that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are engaged. Though it's early days yet and the tabloids are feverishly trying to lock down an exclusive, Jackson-based Tayloe Piggott Jewelry … »12/21/11 9:00am12/21/11 9:00am

Lady Gaga Gets The Go-Ahead To Star In Improbable Amy Winehouse Biopic

Possible jokes may fall under the too-soon category, but the bizarre nature of this story alone should hold your attention: Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch says Lady Gaga's interested in playing his daughter in a biopic. Having a yarn with her parents at Tony Bennett's birthday, Mitch adds that he's all for the frankly odd… »12/13/11 9:00am12/13/11 9:00am

Eva Longoria Held Victoria Beckham's Baby, Which Means She's Desperate For One Of Her Own

Though Victoria Beckham's eyes seem to tell Eva Longoria to get her child-hungry mitts off her four-month-old daughter Harper, shockingly, that's probably not the case. However, seeing how women of a certain stature can't scoff down a burrito lunch without accusations of secret pregnancies we're going to play along… »11/04/11 9:00am11/04/11 9:00am