Tell Us About Your Worst Encounters with Insects

In today’s Pissing Contest, we’re talking about our worst encounters with bugs. (Thanks to reader Chad for the suggestion!) “But that’s a spider in the lede photo,” you’re probably saying. “Spiders aren’t insects!” CAN IT, you annoying nerd! We’re talking about horrifying experiences with creepy-crawlies and… »10/02/15 8:00pmFriday 8:00pm

In Spider Society, Female Spiders Are Either Warriors or Nannies

It's a question we've been avoiding for far too long: Can lady spiders really have it all? Well, unless by "have it all" you mean "munch all of the human eyeballs" (a birthright shared by spiders of all genders), then NOPE. In at least one species, female spiders, much like female humans, are expected to choose… »6/17/14 5:00pm6/17/14 5:00pm

Hidden in This Beautiful Jewelry is a Secret Drug-Science Reference

Much as we love the present trend of sticking drug-molecules on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts, we crave something new. Fortunately, science-themed artist Delftia has a novel take on subtle drug jewelry: pendants that replicate spider webs spun under the influence of psychoactive drugs. »4/19/14 2:38pm4/19/14 2:38pm

Horny Tarantulas Are About to Have a Fuckathon in California

If you’re one of those smug Californians who’s always going on about fish tacos and great weather and avocados and relaxed marijuana regulations, there’s a grumpy Northeasterner getting ready to have a schadenfreude party at your expense this weekend. That’s because this weekend in California is Tarantula Bang Fest… »10/05/13 1:00pm10/05/13 1:00pm

Male Spiders Spontaneously Die After Sex Because MISANDRY

We've known for a while now that lady spiders are the animal kingdom's OG misandrists. Lady spiders hit it and quit it like it's their job (which it is, I guess—it's not like they mate, chew on bugs, and work 9-5 at the bail bonds office), and when they "quit it" they also preemptively quit it on behalf of every… »6/19/13 4:45pm6/19/13 4:45pm

Clever Female Spiders Use ‘Mating Plugs’ to Thwart Unwanted Sex

New research has disabused Spider scientists (technical term, I assure you) at the Smithsonian of a long-standing misconception that males of the "highly sexually dimorphic and polygamous" wink, wink, nudge, nudge giant wood spider persuasion would sever their own genitals during copulation with a female spider to… »8/02/12 9:30am8/02/12 9:30am

Male Spiders Fuck So Hard They Literally Break Their Dicks in Half

Well, this is romantic. It has been discovered by researchers at the National University of Singapore that males of a certain breed of spider — specifically, the tropical orb-spider Nephilengys malabarensis — will often castrate themselves either fully or partially, leaving a piece of their reproductive anatomy inside… »6/19/12 11:15am6/19/12 11:15am

How to Get Over Your Fear of Spiders and Start Caressing Tarantulas

Spiders are creepy! I mean, they are kind of neat, but mostly they cause people to scurry away in fear and sometimes even emit high-pitched shrieks. Well, if you are one of the people who can't stand those little multi-legged crawlers, you might be in luck. A new study has found that it is possible to turn people from… »5/21/12 9:15pm5/21/12 9:15pm

Spider Dudes Give Crappy Gifts, Trick Ladies Into Sex

Presenting females with a pre-coital gift is an essential part of the nursery web spider's mating ritual, but researchers have discovered that some male spiders are giving their ladyfriends elaborately wrapped bits of junk, such as flower, cotton, or ant husks wrapped in silk. While the women are distracted by what's… »11/14/11 10:55am11/14/11 10:55am

Ancient Mite Rides On Top Of Spider In Gross, Awesome Fossil

You know how when a spider gets on you, you're like, "Ahh! Guck! Uck! Spider!" and you kind of swipe at it until it gets off your skin and you can resume your normal existence of eating, reading the Internet, and wondering when a spider will next get on you? Well, that's how I imagine spiders react to mites. Unless of… »11/09/11 6:05pm11/09/11 6:05pm