Five Reasons You Should Be Reading Spider-Gwen

There are lots of Spider-people in Marvel Comics nowadays but only one of them has the distinction of being the parallel universe version of Peter Parker’s long-dead girlfriend. Making an alt-Gwen into a superhero is a good twist but it’s not the sole reason that readers should check out her adventures. »10/20/15 10:05am10/20/15 10:05am


Lest We Forget, Brown Kids Absolutely Deserve More Brown Superheroes

As great as Andrew Garfield was in The Amazing Spider-Man, do you guys remember that major Twitter petition to get Community actor-cum-rapper Childish Gambino Donald Glover in as Peter Parker? Even Stan Lee was down with the idea. Even as the idea of canon superheroes widens to fit more archetypes of girls and women… »6/15/13 12:30pm6/15/13 12:30pm

Julie Taymor Settles Suit with Producers of Broadway’s Live Spider-Man Snuff Show

Julie Taymor, the director who believed the much-maligned Titus Andronicus was the Shakespeare play most deserving of a film adaptation that wasn't set on a not-too-distant asteroid colony called "Asteroid Rome," has settled a legal dispute with producers of the Broadway snafu Spider-Man: Turn Out the Dark, so now the… »8/31/12 9:30am8/31/12 9:30am

Odd Future's Frank Ocean Reveals His First Love Was A Man

In December of 2011, when Frank Ocean, R&B singer and member of hip-hop collective Odd Future, was on a plane from New Orleans to L.A. he wrote a document in text-edit that he has now published on his tumblr which reveals him to be bisexual. The summer that Ocean was 19, he fell in love with his closest friend, a boy… »7/04/12 11:00am7/04/12 11:00am

Katy Perry Taking Showbiz Hiatus to Slather Vaseline on Raw, Sensitive Cockles of Heart

Katy Perry — now dating Ghostbuster Dan Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Aykroyd — is taking a break from showbiz after her doc Katy Perry: Part Of Me is released, in order to let her heart and/or cupcake boobs heal after Aldous Snow poured Malibu rum all over them and devoured them en flambé. If she spends… »6/25/12 9:00am6/25/12 9:00am

Let's Check Out The Official Shots Of Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone In The New Spider-Man Movie

Ooh! Columbia Pictures has released a first batch of official movie stills from The Amazing Spider-Man and I happen to think they look pretty promising. The newest of the Spidey series will star Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Peter's other, blonde-haired love, Gwen Stacy (not the red-headed Mary… »12/12/11 3:50pm12/12/11 3:50pm