How Many Bone$ Should You Be Dropping On Mother's Day?

Holiday origin stories are fun because of their Crazy Straw timelines. From a one-room school singing that Happy Birthday song that their teacher made up, through the twists and turns of history and economic recessions and cultural shifts, that finally ends at 50 Cent rapping about not giving a fuck if it's not your… »5/11/13 5:00pm5/11/13 5:00pm

Barbara Mikulski Is Just the Kind of Political Badass the Senate Needed

Who is single-handedly fending off the Tea Party Huns from gutting the federal budget, standing up for needy families, and making House Speaker John Boehner look like one of the sad clown porcelain figurines your grandmother keeps in her home just to make unwanted visitors ill at ease? That would be the diminutive… »3/21/13 2:20pm3/21/13 2:20pm

All of Your Slutty Halloween Costumes Are Costing Us Billions

It's almost Halloween! Time to spend all the money we earned in October to get half-naked and binge on shitty candy. Seems reasonable, I'm into it. And so is half the United States, apparently. According to the Washington Examiner, Americans spend over $8 billion (BILLION) dollars a year on Halloween crapola. That's… »10/22/12 9:30am10/22/12 9:30am

Racing Fans Freak Out Over Congresswoman's Proposal to Cut Government NASCAR Sponsorship

This morning, an amendment proposed by Minnesota Representative Betty McCollum and one of her Republican colleagues, Jack Kingston of Georgia, passed through the House Appropriations Committee. The proposal aimed to cut $80 million from the federal government's budget by barring the Department of Defense from spending… »5/17/12 5:45pm5/17/12 5:45pm

Playing Recession: What'll We Do When The Novelty Wears Off?

It seems some marathon shoppers are learning the difference between "want" and "need." Now that the credit crunch is wreaking havoc with our bank accounts, one-time necessities like new Jimmy Choos getting passed over for last year's model. Says the Wall Street Journal »11/06/08 2:30pm11/06/08 2:30pm's Christina Binkley, "After years of gluttonous…

Just Because You Can Buy Your Child A $21K Jungle Gym Doesn't Mean You Should

CNN reports that New Yorker Stephanie Kaster threw her daughter a birthday party recently. The celebration was held at a fondue restaurant and Kaster hired a musical troupe to perform as the Wiggles. There was a four-layer cake and each guest took home a Fisher-Price guitar and a custom CD. The party's price tag?… »4/18/08 2:40pm4/18/08 2:40pm