Cop Gets Sued After Giving a Woman a Ticket, Then Asking Her Out on a Date

It was adorable in Bridesmaids when the very charming Officer Nathan Rhodes met Kristin Wiig's character, Annie Walker, while pulling her over for a broken rear light. But things don't always turn out so nicely in real life, as one police officer in Stickney, Illinois, discovered the hard way. » 1/08/12 3:35pm 1/08/12 3:35pm

Gisele Talks Her Way Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Gisele Bündchen was clocked doing 70 m.p.h. in a 55 zone while driving on Cape Cod this weekend. Two children were in the Cadillac S.U.V., presumably her son Benjamin and step-son Jack, and Bündchen was let off with a warning. The state trooper's son later Tweeted that she autographed the citation, with kisses. [BH]
» 9/21/11 1:25pm 9/21/11 1:25pm

Clever Lady Pretends She's In Labor To Avoid Speeding Ticket

Remember that time in junior high when you used the old "cramps" excuse to avoid running the mile in gym class? Well, a New Zealand woman recently took it to the next level when she lied to police, telling them she was in labor. The woman was sitting shotgun in a car traveling at 146 km/h (90 mph), speeding around… » 7/20/11 1:58pm 7/20/11 1:58pm

Judge Judy Has Zero Sympathy For Idiots And Their Offspring

Maybe it's because Judge Judy worked in the NYC Family Court system for years and years that she's particularly sympathetic to other municipal workers, like the plaintiff in this clip. He's a cop who pulled over the defendant's husband and son, who were going 100 mph in a 50 mph speed zone in their Lotus, attempting… » 6/30/08 6:00pm 6/30/08 6:00pm