Here's What Your Lady Gaga Thanksgiving Special Will Look Like

ABC has released the preview for their brand-new holiday special A Very Gaga Thanksgiving and in it, the announcer excitedly proclaims that this year, they're "Giving thanks with a capitol G." For Gaga. Get it? Yes, the television network Gods have decided that there will be no escape from the pop star and her… »11/21/11 4:00pm11/21/11 4:00pm

Experts: Pippa's Butt Was So Totally Padded At Kate's Wedding

TLC's Crazy For Pippa special aired last night, and even though we knew going in that there wouldn't be any actual quotes by Pippa or the royal family, we were still left feeling as though we'd witnessed something really special. Like, say, speculation by Pippa "experts" was about what, exactly, her voice might… »8/10/11 7:15pm8/10/11 7:15pm