Buzz Off, Special K, We Don't Need Your Lecture on Fat Talk

Ladies! Special K (the cereal brand, not the drug) has a very special message for all of you. It's come to their attention that 93 percent of women are engaging in "fat talk." And that's bad. It's so bad, in fact, that Special K has launched an entire ad campaign, complete with Tyra Banks as spokesperson, devoted to… »12/11/13 12:30pm12/11/13 12:30pm


Special K Wants Plus-Sized Women to Feel Empowered By Cereal

Move over, red swimsuit lady: Special K announced today that they'll be using plus-sized "real women" with BMIs of up to 29 as models for a new campaign. (25 to 29.9 is considered overweight.) The cereal company has somewhat of a reputation based on the "celebrities" that have eaten it for breakfast, lunch, and… »6/14/12 5:15pm6/14/12 5:15pm