The RNC Speaking Lineup Is Way More Diverse Than Republican Voters

Even though the Republican Party is more like a desiccated pea pod of anachronistic social angst about changing demographics, they can sure put on a half decent vaudeville show every four years, which, with some, er, exceptions, manages to cobble together enough support to make serious runs at our nation's highest… »8/29/12 10:25pm8/29/12 10:25pm


James Carville’s Daughter Has a Great Plan for Showing-Up Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Catholic jack-o-lantern Timothy Dolan is all set to speak at the Republican National Convention/Stripper Pledge Drive next week in Tampa, that is, if God doesn't smite the entire event with a biblically-themed hurricane. Dolan, a noted asshole about gay marriage and women's health, has been scheduled to offer the… »8/26/12 3:00pm8/26/12 3:00pm