House Republicans Officially Nominate Paul D. Ryan To Be Next House Speaker

On Wednesday afternoon, House Republicans voted to nominate Rep. Paul Ryan to be the next Speaker of the House. The vote was reportedly divvied up between Ryan and Rep. Daniel Webster, who received 200 and 43 votes respectively. Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Kevin McCarthy both received one vote. »10/28/15 2:49pm10/28/15 2:49pm

Daily Show Suggests More Conditions for a Paul Ryan Speakership: Segways, Sephora

Paul Ryan is willing to run for Speaker of the House... under some conditions. For instance, a workplace that allows him quality time with his family, the kind of workplace he doesn’t support for the rest of America. The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams outlined some additional riders that he might attach to his… »10/22/15 9:15am10/22/15 9:15am

Nine Far Right Dipshits Could Stop Paul Ryan From Being Elected House Speaker

In 1982, Van Halen created one of the greatest rock trivia facts of all time when they demanded in their tour rider that all brown M&M’s be removed from their dressing room munchies as a precondition for performing. Thirty-three years later, Wisconsin Rep Paul Ryan created a similarly ornate rider as a prerequisite… »10/21/15 5:30pm10/21/15 5:30pm

Congressman Creates Speaker of the House Craigslist Posting; I'll Probably Apply

When Rep. Kevin McCarthy surprise announced that he would no longer seek to be Speaker of the House, Washington D.C. was rattled by a heaving sob made up of hundreds of little GOP congressmen running into their offices, slamming the door, huddling under their desks, and just letting their emotions go. »10/09/15 3:40pm10/09/15 3:40pm