How Soon Is Too Soon To Wax Your Daughter's Bikini Line?

The answer to this one may be obvious — no matter how liberal a parent may be, I think everyone can agree that it's too soon if the kid doesn't have any pubes — but no! Manicures for babies. Eyebrow waxes for 11-year-olds. 6-year-olds getting perms. Bikini waxes for 12-year-olds. These things are apparently… »12/01/11 11:50am12/01/11 11:50am

Can't Afford A Facial? How's About A $300 Tasering?

Today's Times »10/09/08 1:30pm10/09/08 1:30pm takes us inside the latest alleged craze amongst the rich — Tupperware-style at-home beauty treatment parties, in which people try (and presumably purchase) ludicrous devices as an economical alternative to spa weekends. The bargains include "a $28,000 home massage machine," some electronic pacifier that…

If A Girl Gets A Spa Treatment And No One Films It, Did It Really Happen?

Good Morning America is so fresh out of ideas that they're watching month-old episodes of the Today Show for inspiration. Diane Sawyer and Co. are just picking up the tween spa meme and running it into the ground. Some six year olds are getting their hair chemically straightened, some 12-year-old girls are getting… »5/19/08 4:00pm5/19/08 4:00pm

Lily Allen May Be Pregnant, But She's No Fan Of Maternity-Wear

  • Pregnant singer Lily Allen has announced that she has turned down multiple offers to design a maternity line, given that so many of her fans are tween girls and feels that attaching her name to getting knocked up just "wouldn't be suitable." Jaime-Lynn, are you listening? [BBC]
  • Lily also opened the Harrods sale today,…
  • »12/28/07 11:30am12/28/07 11:30am

Facialists: The Derma Dominatrixes Of The Filthy Rich

In the "Thursday Styles" section of today's New York Times, we learn that vanity and sadism go hand in hand — and know no limits! Beth Landman writes about aestheticians who are not just brutally honest — they are straight up mean. And the rich ladies who rely on them just love it! Isabel Dassinger, 50, sees Julie… »10/11/07 11:00am10/11/07 11:00am