How Do You Discipline a Child in the Post-Hitting Era?

American children are a bunch of spoiled brats. You've likely heard the refrain repeated for years now, and new verses are always being added. A couple years ago Elizabeth Kolbert's widely shared New Yorker article "Spoiled Rotten" remarked that, "With the exception of the imperial offspring of the Ming dynasty and… »3/06/15 12:10pm3/06/15 12:10pm

Black-ish Addressed the Spanking Debate in the Best Way Possible

Spanking was the topic of Wednesday night's episode of Black-ish, titled "Crime and Punishment." It's a debate that never really ends, and one that boiled over last month after disturbing news that Adrian Peterson beat and left bruises on his son and called it a "whooping." Instead of implying that there's a… »10/23/14 11:45am10/23/14 11:45am

If Yelling at Kids Is as Harmful as Spanking, What the Hell Is Left?

I grew up in Tennessee in the 1980s. This means that when I wasn't being spanked by a paddle, a hand, a belt, or a switch of my own choosing, I was being yelled at. Clearly, I have an extremely well adjusted attitude towards authority figures and a deep, abiding love for all mankind. Which is why it comes as zero… »11/05/13 11:00am11/05/13 11:00am

A Small Town in North Texas Now Lets School Administrators Paddle Children of the Opposite Sex

Rural North Texas, the land that time forgot, now boasts a town that has not only refused to abandon corporal punishment for school children, but has somehow found a way to make paddling kids even ickier. Thanks to unanimous — unanimous — approval by the Springfield's school board, school administrators in the small… »9/25/12 10:25pm9/25/12 10:25pm

Texas Teen 'Covered in Bruises' Following Paddling by Her Male Vice Principal

Taylor Santos, a high school sophomore from Springtown, Texas, claims to have a welted and bruised behind following a school-sanctioned paddling carried out by her male vice-principal. Texas is one of 19 states where corporal punishment is still legal and Santos, who was allegedly caught allowing another student to… »9/24/12 12:15pm9/24/12 12:15pm

And Now, an Unsettling Blast From The Past: Some Jerks Who Believe Women Should Be Spanked

There's no date on this vintage clipping from the New York Daily Mirror, which was published between 1924 and 1963. But judging by the glasses and the typefaces, we're going to assume it was printed in the '50s. (That mod sans serif at the very bottom seems mid-century?) Anywho! Question: "If a woman needs it, should… »7/06/12 4:00pm7/06/12 4:00pm

It's 2012. Maybe It's Time for Schools to Stop Beating Children?

If you had to pick the one thing schools ought to be doing more of, what would it be? Focusing on smaller class sizes? Paying teachers higher salaries? Preventing bullying? Spanking students? Wait, spanking? Yes, at least that's what some people who live in Florida, where schools are allowed to paddle kids on the butt… »3/19/12 11:00am3/19/12 11:00am

Man Generously Awards Scholarships, Creepily Spanks Recipients, Goes to Prison

A man in Virginia has pled guilty to criminal actions associated with what he says is a scholarship program. Three women received money from the man to use for educational expenses, and in return, the man got to spank them when they "misbehaved." And you thought the Miss America pageant was a dubious scholarship… »12/08/11 6:45pm12/08/11 6:45pm

Anti-Spanking Laws Could Turn America Into Egalitarian Hellhole

Sweden became the first country to outlaw physical punishment of children in 1979. Now, the first generation of Swedish young adults to have been raised in a spanking-free society is in its thirties. Contrary to what your cantankerous, defensive grandpa might suggest, the entire country hasn't turned into a bunch of… »11/11/11 10:30am11/11/11 10:30am