One Lucky Couple Might Get the Chance to Take a Nightmarish Trip to Mars

This is what happens when we start relying on the private sector for all of our space exploration — rich people do all kinds of crazy shit. Currently, thanks to an investment by NASA engineer-turned-multimillionaire Dennis Tito, engineers are currently in the process of constructing a spaceship that will take one… »2/28/13 11:15am2/28/13 11:15am


Sally Ride, The First American Woman in Space, Succumbs to Cancer at 61

Early this morning, astronaut and physicist Sally Ride passed away after a 61-year-long life of exploration, boundary breaking, and ass kicking. When she blasted into space in 1983, she became the youngest American and the first American woman to leave the earth's atmosphere, thus igniting space camp dreams in a… »7/23/12 6:00pm7/23/12 6:00pm