Halle Berry to Star in Steven Spielberg's Astronaut Series

Halle Berry is set to star in the Steven Spielberg-produced TV show, Extant. It'll premiere on CBS next summer, and will be about an astronaut (played by Berry) who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect to her life on Earth. But it's even more dramatic than all that because "her… » 10/07/13 10:25am 10/07/13 10:25am

Creepy NASA Researchers Want to Watch You Sleep for 70 Days

Would you let NASA watch you sleep on a slight, six-degree decline for free? What about for $18,000 and a little certificate saying you were once an assistant astronaut, but also with the catch that researchers could draw funny, ineffable doodles on your face with a laundry marker? If you’re in reasonably good shape… » 9/21/13 2:30pm 9/21/13 2:30pm

Fear of Irradiated Ladyparts Limits Missions for Female Astronauts

It’s hard enough to be an astronaut. You basically have to be a genius physical specimen with enough intelligence to understand astrophysics, but not enough self-awareness to fear being strapped to a rocket and hurled into low orbit by a column of fire. For aspiring female astronauts, though, the selection process is… » 9/02/13 3:00pm 9/02/13 3:00pm

Woman Infiltrates Axe's Sausage Fest Astronaut Competition

I might be blowing your mind here, but did you guys know that Axe is totally a dude thing? Like, here's how it works: you spray on some Axe, maybe you even put some in your hair, and then you go to the A-E-Phi party? And then all of a sudden it's like all these baby sea turtles (except they're chicks, like with BOOBS)… » 2/10/13 4:30pm 2/10/13 4:30pm

Girls Send a Hello Kitty Doll Into Almost-Space, Surely Igniting a…

Ever build a model rocket? Ever play with a Hello Kitty doll? This video is both of those things, simultaneously, and the fact that a group of seventh grade girls launched Hello Kitty most of the way up to the Kármán line (the boundary between Earth and the mysteries of the universe) should encourage you to do… » 2/02/13 12:30pm 2/02/13 12:30pm

Cosmic Rays Might Be Giving Astronauts Space-Alzheimer's

Here's some bum news for anyone harboring romantic notions about outer space: even if a manned trip to Mars is possible, it'll kind of melt your brain in the process. Researchers examining the effects of radiation on brain degeneration have uncovered what they believe is a link between cosmic rays and accelerated… » 1/01/13 12:00pm 1/01/13 12:00pm

In Space, No One Can Hear Your Outrage Over a Gender Normative Ad for…

In the whimsical, mid-20th century past when America was enjoying a post-war money bath in gold it collectively won from the Nazis, people thought that colonizing the moon and flying around in Jetson cars was surely an imminent reality. Space travel and fancy gadgets would be great and all, but some companies realized… » 11/11/12 12:30pm 11/11/12 12:30pm

Finally! A Lifeless Rock in the Void of Space that Women Can Enjoy!

Move over, Jennifer Aniston's stupid finger-boulder! There's a new obscenely large diamond thingy in town! According to science, there is a great big planet out in space that is kind of named canker sore, and is also MADE OF SPARKLING DIAMONDS. Ladies, I hope you have your spit-up towels handy, because you've got some… » 10/11/12 7:00pm 10/11/12 7:00pm

British Soprano Sarah Brightman Is Taking Her Act to Space

You can add one more name to the list of celebrities who are indulging in the ultimate cosmic Treat Yo' Self. British soprano/musical staple Sarah Brightman is the most recent famous person to use her enormous wealth to launch herself into outer space. Brightman — having dreamt of going to space since she was a… » 10/10/12 11:25pm 10/10/12 11:25pm