A Chat with Sonia Van Meter, Woman Preparing for a One-Way Trip to Mars

Sonia Van Meter is the managing director of Stanford Caskey, a national Democratic opposition research firm. She's also one of 100 candidates selected by Mars One for Martian colonization in 2025. Many are skeptical of Mars One's prospects; many (like Buzz Aldrin) hope the mission succeeds. Regardless, Mars is the… »2/24/15 1:30pm2/24/15 1:30pm

Before you rail against the attention paid to Kim K. when there's, like, real news happening: The Wa

Before you rail against the attention paid to Kim K. when there's, like, real news happening: The Wall Street Journal compared the number of tweets containing #BreakTheInternet and "Kardashian" vs. #cometlanding and "comet," from the 24-hour period starting 11 a.m. yesterday. Turns out space program won, hands down. »11/13/14 4:00pm11/13/14 4:00pm

Why I Will Never Tell My Daughter to Give You a Hug

I feel grumpy. It's probably too late for me to be up. There's a house full of people, some kind of party. I go to my parents' room to lie on the bed, and my Grandpa Pat comes after me. He wants a hug and a kiss. I don't feel like it. I like him, but I'm always a little shy: he's got that big barrel chest and smells… »10/23/14 4:00pm10/23/14 4:00pm

Paris Fashion Week: Manish Arora's Wacky, Acid House Space Queens

At Manish Arora, the mood was festive; rows 1-3 were offered little Dixie cups of pomegranate juice, with attendees' names calligraphed on them in neon puffy pen. The ushers, who were robots, wore hot-pink dishwashing gloves to hand out the drinks, whispering softly, "It's dosed. It's dosed. It's dosed." Their voices… »9/25/14 3:40pm9/25/14 3:40pm

Halle Berry to Star in Steven Spielberg's Astronaut Series

Halle Berry is set to star in the Steven Spielberg-produced TV show, Extant. It'll premiere on CBS next summer, and will be about an astronaut (played by Berry) who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect to her life on Earth. But it's even more dramatic than all that because "her… »10/07/13 10:25am10/07/13 10:25am

Creepy NASA Researchers Want to Watch You Sleep for 70 Days

Would you let NASA watch you sleep on a slight, six-degree decline for free? What about for $18,000 and a little certificate saying you were once an assistant astronaut, but also with the catch that researchers could draw funny, ineffable doodles on your face with a laundry marker? If you’re in reasonably good shape… »9/21/13 2:30pm9/21/13 2:30pm

Fear of Irradiated Ladyparts Limits Missions for Female Astronauts

It’s hard enough to be an astronaut. You basically have to be a genius physical specimen with enough intelligence to understand astrophysics, but not enough self-awareness to fear being strapped to a rocket and hurled into low orbit by a column of fire. For aspiring female astronauts, though, the selection process… »9/02/13 3:00pm9/02/13 3:00pm