New Spa Treatment Replicates Experience Of Listening To Music On A…

After realizing there's a sense that isn't being properly exploited tended to in spas, Spa Illuminata in London unveiled the U.K.'s first "tactile sound table." » 4/04/11 12:19am 4/04/11 12:19am

Next Up? Spa Treatments For Your Unborn Baby!

Not only are tweens getting spa treatments — it's this brand new trend that no one can stop talking about! — but preschoolers are getting in on the action. 4-year-old Diamond was featured on this morning's episode of the Mike & Juliet Show. She's been getting spa treatments since she was two and boy, does she love it.… » 5/22/08 12:00pm 5/22/08 12:00pm