South Korea Labor Ministry: Ladies, Be Chill About Sexual Harassment

South Korea's Labor Ministry has come under heavy fire after basically advising women seeking employment to explicitly state in job interviews that they are totally cool with sexist jokes in the workplace. And that they had zero plans of getting married. Oh, and that they would be more than happy to make coffee if… »11/18/14 10:50am11/18/14 10:50am

Rotten Skate, South Korea's 'Smelliest Food,' Peels Your Mouth Skin Off

As a rule, I aim to be 100% nonjudgmental about other cultures' "weird" foods. Like, why the fuck shouldn't someone eat a roasted tarantula? I'd eat literally eight crabs right now. I would crack open their carapaces and use their own spiky toes to pick out their guts. A tarantula is basically the same thing, only… »6/16/14 4:40pm6/16/14 4:40pm

​South Korea Rolls Out Big Pink Parking Spaces For Female Drivers

In a move to make the South Korean city more "women-friendly," Seoul, has introduced the female-only parking spot, a wider and longer space outlined in pink and denoted by a pink stick figure wearing a skirt. Because nothing tells women you care about them like passive aggressively implying they suck at driving. »6/02/14 10:20am6/02/14 10:20am

Chinese Officials Debate Why South Korea's Soap Operas Are Better

There's a lot going on in China, so it may come as a surprise that when the country's two highest governing boards met in Beijing last week, the hottest topic of discussion wasn't the recent terrorist attack that left 33 dead or the country's economy; it was a South Korean soap opera that's been sweeping the nation… »3/08/14 6:40pm3/08/14 6:40pm

Plastic Surgeon Fined for Displaying Towers of Jawbones in His Office

File this under your "South Korea obsessed with plastic surgery" Google alert. A doctor who specializes in removing or shaving down women's jaws to make their faces more V-shaped has been displaying the excess pieces in his office. After photos of his jawbone towers went viral, Seoul's Gangnam District local police… »1/28/14 5:15pm1/28/14 5:15pm

Korean Mean Girls Demand Top Women's Soccer Player Take Gender Test

South Korean ladies' soccer dynamo Park Eun-Seon is good at her sport. Real good. Like, man good. At least, according to a cabal of her fellow women's soccer league players, who have threatened to stop playing unless the league subjects Park to a humiliating gender test and releases the results to the public. »11/08/13 3:10pm11/08/13 3:10pm

South Korean Plastic Surgeons Say Smile Surgery Is Totally Necessary

Shocker of the day: plastic surgeons work hard to defend their profession. In South Korea, surgeons who perform "smile surgery" or plastic surgery that lifts the corners of the mouth (known in the United States as a "valentine anguloplasty") say that they're helping people fight gravity, especially women who want to… »8/28/13 12:00pm8/28/13 12:00pm

Isn't It Time the NSA Went Into the Matchmaking Business?

Meeting people sucks. Maybe it would just be easier if the government did it for us. Before you dismiss my proposal as another big Nanny State bleeding heart poopy pants liberal Obamabot fantasy, consider what's happening in South Korea, where the lowest fertility rate among industrialized countries (1.15) has… »8/05/13 6:00pm8/05/13 6:00pm