South Dakota Was Just Kidding About Justifiable Homicide Of Abortion…

The South Dakota bill expanding the definition of justifiable homicide to protect an unborn child is, well, dead. And it looks like we can thank the national shitstorm over the fact that it appeared to legalize the killing of abortion providers. Good job, everyone! » 2/17/11 10:06am 2/17/11 10:06am

South Dakota Considers Legalizing The Murder Of Abortion Providers

South Dakota lawmakers are about to consider a bill that would expand the meaning of justifiable homicide to include "resisting an attempt to harm" an unborn child related to the killer, Mother Jones reports. "If the bill passes, it could in theory allow a woman's father, mother, son, daughter, or husband to kill… » 2/15/11 10:10am 2/15/11 10:10am