Parents and Daughter Reunited 17 Years After Abduction

It's entirely possible that one day you'll find yourself walking by your long lost sister on a college campus. That's what happened to Zephany Nurse in South Africa. » 2/28/15 6:15pm 2/28/15 6:15pm

Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Never Slept Together, Says Her Mom

In an interview with The Times, Reeva Steenkamp's mother told the British newspaper that her daughter never slept with Oscar Pistorious because she "was scared to take the relationship to the next level." » 10/27/14 2:30pm 10/27/14 2:30pm

Oscar Pistorious and His Tears Are Angling for Community Service

On Friday, Oscar Pistorious cried again, like he has many times during his South African trial for killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The prosecution requested the minimum 10 year sentence for his charge of culpable homicide and Pistorious’ defense lawyer argued that the stress he’s endured since the shooting… » 10/17/14 10:10am 10/17/14 10:10am

Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty of Culpable Homicide

Yesterday, a judge ruled that South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of "intentional homicide" in the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Boo! But today, she announced that she found him guilty of "culpable homicide," which means he's going to prison, maybe for a long time. Yay! Also, good to know… » 9/12/14 10:20am 9/12/14 10:20am

Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty of Premeditated Murder

A South African judge has ruled that Oscar Pistorius did not intentionally commit premeditated murder last year when he shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, four times through a door. But he still faces charges of "culpable homicide"—manslaughter, basically. » 9/11/14 9:40am 9/11/14 9:40am

The Women in Nelson Mandela's Life

Nelson Mandela was no stranger to strength or love and maybe that’s why many of his romantic choices reflected both of these qualities. Also, the man had swag — his proposal to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (above) alone should be dispersed in pamphlet form at college political rallies. As the world celebrates the life of… » 12/06/13 6:00pm 12/06/13 6:00pm

Rick Santorum Uses Mandela's Death To Compare Obamacare to Apartheid

Rick Santorum threw in his two cents on Nelson Mandela's life and works yesterday when he told Bill O'Reilly that just as Mandela fought apartheid, so too does Rick Santorum fight Obamacare. Hoo boy. No. No, Rick Santorum. Obamacare is not like apartheid. That is not how analogies work. Not liking a thing doesn't… » 12/06/13 1:20pm 12/06/13 1:20pm

What Nelson Mandela Meant for South Africa's Women

Nelson Mandela — humanitarian, anti-apartheid activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner and South Africa's first black President — died today at age 95. Mandela devoted his life to improving the lives of all disenfranchised groups, but, right now, let's take a look at what Mandela did for women. » 12/05/13 7:10pm 12/05/13 7:10pm

Make Sure to Add 'Menacing Dolls' to your Halloween Shopping List

Baby dolls displayed in a coffee shop in a trendy area where thousands of tourists visit in Cape Town, South Africa, Saturday, Oct.19, 2013. South Africa's western Cape area is well known for its natural beauty and good restaurant catering fresh products from local farm lands and the ocean. (AP Photo/Schalk van Zuydam) » 10/19/13 2:30pm 10/19/13 2:30pm

Artist Builds a Screaming 'Walk-in Vagina'

South African artist Reshma Chhiba has upset some and impressed others for turning a women's jail in Johannesburg previously used to house anti-apartheid activists into a 39 foot high red fabric vagina surrounded by black fabric pubic hair that occasionally screams. You have to take your shoes off to step inside. » 8/30/13 2:15pm 8/30/13 2:15pm

Oscar Pistorius’ Uncle Says Nephew Is Really, Truly Grief-Stricken

When last we heard from accused murderer and Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius, he was living at his Uncle Arnold’s house in Praetoria, losing endorsement deals, and probably puzzling over the rumor that Ryan Gosling was going to portray him in a far-too-soon true-crime biopic. Tasteless Academy Award puns would… » 6/02/13 2:00pm 6/02/13 2:00pm

South Africans Have Accidentally Been Eating Giraffe and Kangaroo Meat

Just to ensure that human beings have unknowingly consumed EVERY kind of animal who sings "Circle of Life" at the beginning of The Lion King, it looks like South Africans have inadvertently been munching on the horse's swaggier cousin, the zebra, as well as kangaroos and giraffes. Sigh. Just when we were getting över … » 3/02/13 2:00pm 3/02/13 2:00pm

Brutal Western Cape Gang Rape Forces South Africa To Examine Gender…

It's clearly time to consider gang rape a world epidemic, but one might wish it didn't have to come at such a high cost: In a tragic echo of the deceased 23-year-old New Delhi public bus gang rape victim, 17-year-old Western Cape girl Anene Booysen was found raped and badly mutilated at a construction site in… » 2/09/13 3:30pm 2/09/13 3:30pm

Penis Painting Ignites Long, Hard Battle

A museum in Johannesburg is being sued over a portrait of South Africa's President that depicts the country's leader naked with his wang hanging out. The artist says the painting, called "The Spear," is a highbrow dick joke, protected free speech under South Africa's constitution. But the owner of the schlong in… » 5/24/12 12:30pm 5/24/12 12:30pm

South Africans Are Not Okay With Interracial Poster Couple

An ad featuring a white man and a black woman locked in a naked, Trojan-commercial embrace with the tagline, "In OUR future, you wouldn't look twice," has given all the dormant racists in post-apartheid South Africa something to gripe about this week. The ad, which the youth wing of the Democratic Alliance party… » 1/29/12 12:15pm 1/29/12 12:15pm

South African Cabinet Member Says He Hopes To 'Get Lucky' At SlutWalk…

South African Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba tweeted at another government official, "Let's talk about the slut walk. Now, I wanna attend as an observer. Might get lucky." A spokesman claimed he didn't understand that SlutWalk was about sexual assault awareness. An estimated 2,000 women attended the Cape… » 8/22/11 4:20pm 8/22/11 4:20pm

Life-Saving Drug Gets Entangled In Abortion Politics

Remember that Idaho pharmacist that refused to dispense an anti-uterine bleeding drug until she found out whether or not the woman had an abortion? The same battle is being waged daily around the world, only with access to misoprostol. » 6/30/11 1:55pm 6/30/11 1:55pm