Glee's Ryan Murphy Ends Insufferable Kings Of Leon Feud

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Glee creator Ryan Murphy issued an apology to Kings of Leon, ending the feud that gave us good reasons to dislike both parties. » 4/05/11 12:36am 4/05/11 12:36am

Flush Away Your Fears

Embarrassed about bathroom noise? Women in Japan can now purchase the Toto Otohime ("sound princess"), which mimics the sound of a flushing toilet in order to hide their more human moments. Get one for $36 - shame not included. [RandomGoodStuff] » 4/21/10 11:20am 4/21/10 11:20am

The Gong Show: Queefing Is A Talent

As part of this new trend of bringing old game shows back to the air, Comedy Central is reviving The Gong Show, hosted by comedian Dave Attell, set to air on July 17. (The choice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog as one of the judges is inspired.) We have a preview for you that's not only a doozy, but is also right up… » 7/08/08 6:00pm 7/08/08 6:00pm