Can Soundcloud Become Any Less Chill? Apparently Yes.

Soundcloud’s become particularly unchill by running ads between your favorite DJ mixes. This is after they jacked up prices for accounts and suspending mixes that didn’t include “licensed music.” Now they’re removing DJ mixes again through new copyright infringement software that can only be imagined as the sentinels… »8/12/15 10:20am8/12/15 10:20am

What the Heck Is Going on With Instagram and Soundcloud Right Now?

Some questions: Why does SoundCloud, sweet cloudpunk tweenrave trap-remix oasis, have ads all up in my ear now? Why does Instagram have a “@music” channel and a @music editor and a plan to roll out @music longform Instagrams and a goddamn Monthly Hashtag Project? This is going to be an anti-explainer, because there is… »4/29/15 5:50pm4/29/15 5:50pm