Bill Supporting Greek Integration Doesn't Make it Through 'Bama

A resolution that would have affirmed University of Alabama Student Government support for Greek integration didn't make it to a vote late last week, but stalled when it was sent to committee. » 3/24/14 2:10pm 3/24/14 2:10pm

Dartmouth Sorority Leaders Threaten Boycott, Prompt Rush Overhaul

An email sent last week to the Dartmouth College listserve for campus-wide events reveals that five high level members of the school's Panhellenic Council intended to boycott this season's sorority rush because of "clear flaws" in the Greek recruitment process that "stratifies the Dartmouth community along race, class,… » 1/13/14 11:35am 1/13/14 11:35am

Now We've Heard All the Stories About the Worst Frat in America

On Monday, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was given the title of The Worst Frat In America, thanks to a Bloomberg piece that claims that the frat is responsible for more deaths of their members than any other frat in America. While it's quite an honor for SAE to receive this title, it's a super bummer they're getting all the… » 12/30/13 4:30pm 12/30/13 4:30pm

The Deranged Sorority Girl's Guide to Your First Double Blowjob

Things were going pretty good for you, weren't they? You were just living your modest little pleasurable life, handing out solo blowjobs as much as possible, content in the fact that you were pretty good at them, and that they were going how they were supposed to go — with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Some of… » 11/19/13 4:15pm 11/19/13 4:15pm

University of Alabama: 11 of 72 Sorority Bids Went to Black Students

In the wake of an official video remonstrating and forced bid reopening from University President Judy Bonner and a heavy dose of public outrage, the University of Alabama’s Panhellenic sorority system is less racially segregated than it was at the beginning of the school year. » 9/21/13 12:00pm 9/21/13 12:00pm

Smith College Student Hopes to Form 'Exclusive' Straight Girl Sorority

At least one hetero undergrad at Smith College, a private, independent women's liberal arts college in Northampton, Massachusetts, feels "marginalized" because she's not a butch lesbo. The solution: an exclusive sorority for straight girls seeking boys, cupcakes, and Lily Pulitzer photoshoots. » 9/18/13 11:50am 9/18/13 11:50am

University of Alabama Says It 'Will Not Tolerate' Sorority Racism

After news broke last week that multiple sororities at the University of Alabama had refused women from joining their sororities because they were black, public outcry rose so quickly that a response from the usually-mute University officials seemed inevitable. On Tuesday, University President Judy Bonner released a… » 9/17/13 7:15pm 9/17/13 7:15pm

Alabama Sorority Girls Voted Because a Secret Society Told Them To

A secret society called the Machine was apparently behind the spate of free-drink-toting, limo-riding University of Alabama sorority girls who showed up to vote in the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education race last month. » 9/15/13 1:29pm 9/15/13 1:29pm

University of Alabama Sororities Still Won't Rush Black Women

In a fantastic and depressing exposé, the Crimson White reports that at least four traditionally white sororities at the University of Alabama had their alumnae blatantly block two black women from pledging this year, women that current sorority members had already targeted as prime candidates who they wanted to offer… » 9/11/13 3:30pm 9/11/13 3:30pm

College Party Girls Are Too Busy Slutting It Up to Need Your Pity

When college women are free to do what they want, some of them are going to want to behave like college jackasses. They're going to drink, swear, hook up sloppily and indiscriminately, barf in the streets, and generally act like boorish male characters in straight-to-DVD sex comedies. Oh, and one more thing: despite… » 8/01/13 4:50pm 8/01/13 4:50pm

Infamously Deranged Sorority Girl Is Your New Dating Coach

Former sorority girl Rebecca Martinson (does "cunt punt" ring a bell?) has some blunt advice for those of you agonizing over texts, or a lack thereof: "NO SANE MAN GOES TO THE BAR TO NOT TRY TO STICK IT IN. HE IS NOT THERE TO GET TO KNOW YOU. HE IS NOT THERE TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT YOURSELF AND HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR NEW… » 7/03/13 4:00pm 7/03/13 4:00pm

Beyond 'Jappy': It's All About the Betches Now

Do you love talking shit, froyo, and yourself? Do you reminisce endlessly about your semester abroad — not that you actually made any foreign friends, gross — while clicking through hundreds of photos of you and your Sorority Little? Do you know that "collar boning" is the new "skinny arm?" If you've answered "yes" to all of … » 6/28/13 12:25pm 6/28/13 12:25pm

Naked Sweethearts & Mud Crawls: A Small College's Big Hazing Problem

Anonymous posters on Greek Life forums have long swapped rumors about the horrific hazing at Young Harris College, a tiny private college up in Appalachia run by former Georgia Secretary of State and failed gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox. Now, a potent new lawsuit alleges that YHC administrators turned a blind eye — … » 4/30/13 11:52am 4/30/13 11:52am

Open Call: Your Deranged Emails From Sorority Sisters

The Greek system is full of many amusements — silly rush costumes, bizarre rituals, spirited binge drinking, the occasional racist party theme — but emails are particularly entertaining. They lift the veil on the internal doings of a purportedly special club, the existence of which thrives, in large part, on its… » 4/24/13 11:30am 4/24/13 11:30am

Crappy Tweets From the Deranged Sorority Girl's Deleted Twitter Account

Rebecca Martinson, the now-infamous deranged sorority girl who told her Delta Gamma sisters at the University of Maryland chapter that they were "LITERALLY" being "so fucking AWKWARD" and "so fucking BORING" is no stranger to testing out excitingly edgy insults; her Twitter account, unfortunately deleted earlier today,… » 4/18/13 6:15pm 4/18/13 6:15pm

Jewish Sorority Girl Responds to Frat Bro With 'How to Impress Gentiles'

After her sorority was the subject of a letter—specifically, a guide to talking to Jewish girls—penned by a University of Maryland frat guy that went viral, one girl came back with an answer rap of sorts, sent to her sisters on her list-serv, "How to Impress a Gentile." Biting and funny, it turns the tables on one… » 4/10/13 12:27pm 4/10/13 12:27pm