Nick Loeb Accuses Sofia Vergara of Bullying and Abuse

Nick Loeb - the terrible human being who is suing Sofia Vergara over some frozen embryos - just won’t go away. According to recently released court documents, Loeb accused the actress of bullying and abusing him during their four-year relationship. The accusations are part of his August 2014 filing and are part of… »5/17/15 10:45am5/17/15 10:45am


Sofia Vergara Gets Slimmed Down For Diet Pepsi Skinny Can Ad

Sofia Vergara is the spokeswoman for Diet Pepsi's new Skinny Can, because if you're advertising a product that's only selling point is its slim packaging, you definitely want to hire an actress known for her curvy figure. We'll begrudgingly give the company points for not making a joke about her "cans" in this ad —… »2/17/11 11:00am2/17/11 11:00am