Since You Can't Remember Anything, Let's Have Sex

In storytelling and dream analysis, the forest is a symbol of one's unconscious. During last night's episode of True Blood, the forest was where hearts, souls and naked bodies were revealed. For instance: The woods were where Sookie finally banged her amnesiac crush, Eric. There's always been an electricity between… » 8/01/11 12:15pm 8/01/11 12:15pm

True Blood: It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn't Have Left You

The return of True Blood was reminscent of a hip-hop song: "It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you." Viewers weren't the only ones trying to remember what the hell happened in Bon Temps since we last visited. Sookie was also awash in confusion. Last season's finale, in September, raised all kinds of questions, … » 6/27/11 2:05pm 6/27/11 2:05pm

The True Blood Finale Is All Questions & No Answers

After watching three seasons of True Blood, I've come to the conclusion that like a Value Meal at McDonald's, the show packs in a lot of crap that's fun while it lasts but leaves you feeling unsatisfied. » 9/13/10 1:38pm 9/13/10 1:38pm

When I first started watching this show, I hadn't read the books, but I recognized…