Itty Bitty Lady Glutton Devours Competition In Thanksgiving Eating…

A woman who calls herself The Black Widow is thankful for her giant stomach capacity this year after defeating six men to win a turkey eating contest in Manhattan. Finally, the battle of the sexes has been decidedly won. All that the Spice Girls worked for has come to fruition. » 11/23/11 6:30pm 11/23/11 6:30pm

Lady Eats 183 Chicken Wings, Stays Chipper

Sonya Thomas is 44 years old and weighs 100 pounds. She says of her competitive eating records: "I have good technique. I'm fast." She also says she likes her "Black Widow" nickname. "I think it works." » 9/06/11 7:15pm 9/06/11 7:15pm

Woman Downs 181 Buffalo Wings To Win Eating Contest

On Sunday Sonya Thomas ate 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes, winning the National Buffalo Wing Festival's eating contest and beating top professional eater Joey Chestnut. "Joey's so strong," says the festival's founder, "But Sonya's so fast with the hand." » 9/07/10 12:55pm 9/07/10 12:55pm

Today in New York marks the beginning of Fashion Week. Today an hour south in Philadelphia marks: Wing Bowl. That's just the duality of the two Americas we live in, folks. And I ask you, what would you rather look at pictures of? A bunch of malnourished 14-year-old adolescents in outfits that cost enough to feed a… » 2/01/08 12:49pm 2/01/08 12:49pm