Conservatives Call Justice Sotomayor 'Illiterate' and 'Emotional'

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor disagreed so strongly with the Court's affirmative action-blasting decision yesterday that she broke from standard procedure and read a large portion of her dissent (which I'm legally required to refer to as "scathing") from the bench. Conservatives responded to her response by… » 4/23/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

Sonia Sotomayor: I Am the Most Obstinate Person You Will Ever Meet

Her Honor Sonia Sotomayor, whose face I would wear on a t-shirt, released her long awaited memoir, My Beloved World yesterday. Cheesy title aside, the book promises to take us on a journey from her childhood in a Bronx housing project to her current reality as my second favorite Supreme Court Justice. The fact that… » 1/16/13 9:30am 1/16/13 9:30am

Federal Appeals Court Frustratingly Blocks Contraceptive Mandate in…

Even after Justice Sotomayor performed a holiday miracle by waving her gavel at a grey flannel sky and causing sundry forms of contraception to snow down onto every tax-exempt piece of Catholic real estate in the land (that's how pop-up books in the future will tell it, so you better get on board with the legend now),… » 12/30/12 12:30pm 12/30/12 12:30pm

Jon Stewart Says He Almost Quit the Daily Show Because 'These People…

Ugh, it's like one of those nauseating stories you hear where someone was supposed to go on vacation with their friends and then they got mono at the last minute and had to stay home and then the plane crashed—except in this case the person with mono is the American public and the ill-fated flight is Jon Stewart almost … » 12/11/12 8:00pm 12/11/12 8:00pm

Babies, Khakis and Minivans: Meet the Women Behind those 'Concerned Mom' …

As November approaches, she'll become so ubiquitous that you'll swear you know her. You overhear her conversations with her husband, you see the concern on her face as she balances a baby on her hip while musing aloud about the future of Medicare. Barack Obama wants to take my baby's piggy bank, she'll say, in a less… » 9/20/12 2:10pm 9/20/12 2:10pm

Where Are The Fat Female Politicians?

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie dashed the hopes of many a frustrated golf playing white guy when he announced yesterday that now is not the time for him to vie for the Republican Presidential nomination. In the weeks leading up to his announcement, speculation swirled about his policy positions and viability as… » 10/05/11 7:45pm 10/05/11 7:45pm

What We Don't Need To Know About Clarence Thomas's Dick

This is something that never needed to happen, but we're subjecting you to it anyway. A reader of the tell-all memoir by his ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen (who previously made the rounds after Ginni Thomas called Anita Hill demanding an apology) divulges the following details from it: » 3/08/11 3:57pm 3/08/11 3:57pm

Supreme Court Battle Lines: Homosexuality, Choice And Homosexuality…

If identity and ethnicity dominated the debate over Justice Sonia Sotomayor's nomination (two words: "wise Latina"), President Obama's next nominee seems primed to be attacked under some pretty familiar faultlines: abortion politics and homophobia in its various forms. » 4/19/10 10:00am 4/19/10 10:00am